Another Subic Trip (part 3): Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

Around noon, we all met up in Aresi (read my previous entry on Aresi) and headed over to Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan.

Just like Tagaytay Highlands (read my blog entries on Tagaytay Highlands), Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club is exclusive only to owners of Anvaya property, club shareholders and their guests.

"Anvaya” means “family” in the ancient Sanskrit language, a return to meaningful family traditions is at the core of everything at the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club. Here, we offer families with interactive experiences with nature... in both land and water, all geared towards relaxation, recreation, and reflection."

It was a really nice and sunny afternoon so the couples hung out by the beach...

...while T's goddaughter and her parents stayed by the kiddie pool.

"The Pools of Anvaya will beguile you with its contemporary Asian design, artfully displayed rocks, and strategically positioned lounge chairs. The water fountains, playful jets and sprays in the kiddie pool area will surely bring squeals of delight from the young ones."

The pools adjust to different temperatures. So around noon, water is cooler but as it gets later into the day, water becomes warmer.

There are a lot of spots like the lap pool, game pool and the kiddie pool so people are not crowding just one area.

After swimming, well more like wading, we got hungry so we went back to our table, which was conveniently located by the food stalls.

Jino and I got a Mushroom Burger each. Yummyness.

Syg ordered the Anvaya Burger. It looks good but I really don't like egg on my burger. I love fries though so I stole that from Syg instead ;)

Deo and Monica got Potato Boats. Looks delish!

T and I always drink Arnold Palmer when it's available. We even got into a disagreement with what used to be one of our favorite restaurants (read my rant about Conti's). Didn't know there was a bottled version of it!

I wonder where I can buy this locally. I haven't seen it around the supermarkets.

Later in the afternoon, Anvaya Cove put up warning signs about jellyfish so we just waited for the sunset and took photos.

The only downside is that everything ends around the pool and beach area as soon as the sun goes down. There were almost no lights so we all had to use our phones to guide ourselves to the locker room. But the Beach & Nature Club is only one part of the whole 300-hectare Anvaya Cove property which is still being developed. So there are a lot of other activities we haven't tried like the Nature Trail and the Zipline. More reasons to go back right? :)

The End.

Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club
Travel Date: 22 April 2012

Morong, Bataan

For inquiries on properties and club shares, 
look for Premiere Property Specialist Ms. Genevieve Ong.  
If she asks how you got her contact details, just tell her you got it from me :)

Mobile No.: (63917) 534-0560


  1. nice place!! i saw arizona iced tea in rustans supermarket, shangrila.

  2. Yay! :) Let's plan another trip soon! See you!


  3. Ang ganda dyan! and if you go on a roadtrip to the residential areas, be prepared to be amazed by the houses. Meron silang tropical theme going on.

  4. Beautiful place! Should you be a member or be a guest of one before you can stay there or visit? =)

  5. wow! I wish I could go there! nice place!

  6. I♥PINKCOOKIES. Ya Arizon I saw. But not Arnold Palmer :(

    TIN. You have to be a member or endorsed by a member. But they have promos for potential property buyers. You can contact Ms. Genevieve Ong and ask. Her contact details are at the bottom of the post. Just tell her you got her number from me :)

  7. nice play to stay.. seems so quiet and relaxing.. might consider when i get to bataan :P

  8. I love swimming in Morong Bataan beach at night. Last time we were there, we saw glitters (kind of fish they say) while swimming. :)


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