Another Subic Trip (part 1): Court Meridian Hotel & Suites and Aresi Bar and Restaurant.

Last April, T and I made last minute plans and drove to Subic. Since it was a spur of the moment thing with minor inconveniences in between, I was only able to make reservations a day before we left. But everything turned out great! :)

Listening to "Call Me Maybe".. on repeat ;)

"Subic is in the province of Zambales and a former home to one of the largest US military facilities outside of the US mainland, Subic Bay Naval Base."

How To Get There

I wrote about Subic previously (read my blog entries on Subic) but I wasn't able to give driving directions. So before I go into the details of our trip, here's a guide from Manila to Subic:

  • From Balintawak toll exit, pass the NLEX.
  • Take the Dau Exit and enter the Subic - Clark - Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).
  • Take the Subic exit.
  • Pass thru the Tipo Expressway to enter the Freeport.

  • You'll see this on your left when you're near the Subic exit.

    To get to Court Meridian:

  • When inside the Freeport already, turn right to Rizal Highway.
  • Turn left to Burgos Street.
  • Pass the LED building leading to Samson Road.
  • Turn right to Waterfront Road.
  • Court Meridian Hotel is along Waterfront Road, in the corner of Rojas Street.

    Rant: S.S.

    A few days before the trip, I emailed a resort (let's call it by its initials, S.S) with a number of questions about reservations. They bombarded me with emails of their rates but none of them answered my questions. So I replied asking if they read my whole email but all I got were emails containing rates again. It seemed like there was a robot sending out standard replies to all emails but the ones I received were signed by different people so I found it weird.

    The next day, I called S.S. to ask them to reserve a suite. The girl who answered told me that they're fully booked. While I was trying to explain how the email they me just sent me a few hours ago confirmed available suites, she cut me off mid-sentence and hurriedly dismissed my questions, wanting to end the call.

    S.S. is one of the newest resorts along the Waterfront area and based on their website, the suites look nice. But like I always say, T and I always place a big premium on service so.. No thanks.

    Rave: Court Meridian

    I searched the internet for the best resorts in Subic. Court Meridian Hotel and Suites came up as #1. I was surprised because I never really heard about it before. As it turns out, Court Meridian was formerly known as Subic Courtyard Inn.

    The rooms look nice in their website but I was always scared of extreme photo editing, which a lot of hotels and resorts are guilty of. It was this statement of Court Meridian in their site that finally convinced me to call them:

    "Court Meridian Hotel is renowned for a high standard of service. The warm personality of the Hotel, the attention to detail and the friendly atmosphere created by the staff are responsible for the hotel's being one of the few hotels in Subic to be granted the prestigious first class grading."

    And it's true! Court Meridian does excel in the service department. From reservations until before we checked in, their staff members were very accommodating.

    Ms Sol and Ms Ivy.

    Court Meridian has rooms with lower rates but they're located in the old building. T and I got a Superior Deluxe Room, which is located in the new multi-level annex.

    As soon as I entered, I was happy to know that Court Meridian's website photos were true to form.

    I like how everything is so clean!

    Look at how the glasses in the bathroom are sanitized and sealed.

    I love 'modern' showers.

    They provide basic toiletries, too.

    Take note that Court Meridian has a "No Smoking" policy.

    What I just found weird was this checklist that they made me sign before settling in. There were too many things on the list (like how many glasses, cups, mini bar refreshments, pillow cases and even remote controls!) and it was tiring to check the items one by one, especially since I just wanted to sleep! But I ended up going through everything anyway and apparently, some bar refreshments were on the list but not inside our fridge. The Court Meridian staff acknowledged it though, so I didn't encounter any problem.   But what if I didn't go through the list and just signed it?

    Take a closer look. See how the glasses are again sanitized and sealed? Love it.

    It was a really nice day outside but T and I were too tired from the roadtrip and decided to just stay in. Plus, we already went around the Duty Free Shops while waiting for our room to be prepared (arrived earlier than 2pm check-in time) so we were ok. T watched NBA games while took a nap.

    Another thing worth mentioning is Court Meridian's fast and reliable internet service! I'm not sure if it's included for all room types but we had one in our room.

    This is the view from our veranda.

    On the other side is Subic Bay.

    Aresi Bar and Restaurant

    T and I went out around 9pm for a late dinner date (read my entry on A Tavola).

    Before going back to our room, we stayed at Aresi Bar and Restaurant by the lobby of Court Meridian and ran into a friend who I haven't seen in a long time -- original "Rollerboy" TJ Cruz! ;)

    The next day, we went to Aresi again for breakfast. The restaurant is known for its Italian-American cuisine but since breakfast was already included in our overnight stay, T and I decided to save an Aresi pizza lunch date on our next visit to Subic.

    It was still very early so I was fine with just coffee, a bit of bacon and some bread.

    It was morning person T who enjoyed our breakfast more :)

    We took one last photo in our veranda before we left for Anvaya Cove (read my blog entry on Anvaya Cove - coming soon).

    T and I loved our stay in Court Meridian Resort & Suites. Stress-free and relaxing, just our kind of thing. We will definitely be back :)

  • to be continued...

    Another Subic Trip 
    Travel Date: 21-22 April 2012

    Court Meridian Hotel & Suites
    Travel Date: 21 April 2012

    Lot B Waterfront Road Corner Rojas St.
    Central Business District
    Subic Bay Freeport Zone

    Tel No.: (6347) 252-2366 or 68 / (6347) 250-2019 or 21
    Manila No.: (632) 871 4284
    Mobile No.: (63922) 882 0734

    Court Meridian's Website


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