The Impeachment Trial of Chief Justice Corona: Judgment Day.

May 29, 2012 was a big day in Philippine history. Not only was it the first impeachment trial against a Chief Justice of the Philippines, it was also the first impeachment trial that reached a verdict. The other trials were either interrupted by the ousting of the accused through people power (in the case of former President Joseph Estrada) or have never even started at all due to the resignation of the official (in the case of former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez).

But don't worry. I won't make you read a heavy post-analysis of the whole political situation. Like I said, this blog is an outlet for my less serious thoughts. But being an historic event, I can't NOT write about it. So allow me to share with you a little behind-the-scenes, some trivia and a couple of photos I was able to take (thanks to my trusty iPhone 4s!) of that day.

Another Subic Trip (part 3): Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club

Around noon, we all met up in Aresi (read my previous entry on Aresi) and headed over to Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan.

Another Subic Trip (part 2): A Tavola Italian Restaurant & Bar.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, T and I went out for dinner on our first night in Subic. We first thought of the popular 'Xtremely Xpresso' but it seems like everyone was there so opted for a quieter place --- A Tavola.

Another Subic Trip (part 1): Court Meridian Hotel & Suites and Aresi Bar and Restaurant.

Last April, T and I made last minute plans and drove to Subic. Since it was a spur of the moment thing with minor inconveniences in between, I was only able to make reservations a day before we left. But everything turned out great! :)

Listening to "Call Me Maybe".. on repeat ;)

Starbucks' Happy Hour 2012.

Hi everyone! It's my birthday but I'm in the hospital. Boohoo. And since I'm craving for coffee right now (which I'm pretty sure I can't have), I just want to remind everyone that it's the last 5 days of Starbucks' Happy Hour! (read my blog entry on last year's Happy Hour )

My Birthday Giveaway: Win A Pair of Sunglasses! (CLOSED)


Hi everyone, it's my birthday week! And Firmoo, an online leader in quality eyewear, was nice enough to sponsor my first ever giveaway!

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Catching up on my "backblogs". Went to Kuala Lumpur last November of 2010 but wasn't able to blog about it.

Mother's Day at The Champagne Room.

For Mother's Day, T and I took my mom to The Champagne Room in Manila Hotel.

The Venetian Market at The Piazza.

This coming May to August, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls will be bringing the best of Italian food and European dining to Manila as they launch The Venetian Market at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill.

Image credit: Venice Piazza's Facebook page


"Feed a fever, starve a cold.", T would always say. But whenever I'm sick, I eat even more, which is unusual because the body's natural defense to sickness is loss of appetite. Well... not mine.

And since I've been feeling under the weather since last week, my drafts folder is starting to get filled with food entries. So let me start with our recent visit to Crustasia in Rockwell.

Boracay Labor Day Weekend.

I can't believe it's been over a week since Labor Day Weekend. I guess I still have the 'Boracay hangover', like everyone else. It's one of those you'd-have-to-be-there-to-understand trips but I'll try my best to make you feel the island fever through this entry.

Paulo Coelho Books For Only 0.99 Cents.

Update (5/5/2012): My sister got me the whole set for my Kindle. Woohoo! Early birthday gift! :)

Paulo Coelho has always been my favorite author. I read his books for guidance and follow him on Twitter for daily inspirational messages. And now, he proves himself once again as he slashes the price of his bestsellers to 0.99, given the recent squabble on e-book pricing.