Valentine Weekend (Cebu): Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel.

A long overdue post.

T and I went to Cebu and Bohol during Valentines week. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of photos because I got my camera just a few days before the trip and got confused with the settings. Only recently did I find out that it had an automatic function, thanks to my friend Koryn!

Before our flight, T and I had coffee and sandwiches at our favorite NAIA 3 Terminal cafe.

I'm so excited to use my 2012 summer bag: the Mend cow tote (read my blog post on Invisible Children and Mend Bags).  It was a Christmas gift from T.

While I was walking on the runway, T tested the different settings of my camera.

And I took a photo of T taking a photo of me ;)

Thankfully, our flight was on time.

The sun was already setting while we were in the air. Love this shot I took because it reminded me of Kronos from 'Wrath of the Titans'.

T and I stayed at Costabella Tropical Beach Resort in Mactan Island.

Photo credit: Costabella's Website

It took us half an hour to get to the resort from the airport.   The place has a lovely rustic feel to it.

After freshening up, we went to Ayala Terraces for dinner.

T and I both wanted comfort food so went to Sunburst Fried Chicken.

Chick N Crackers (P105/$4): crispy chicken skin with thin slices of fried potato. This is soooooo good! So good that we finished 2 orders.

T and I each had the Classic Plate (P178/$5): 2pcs of fried chicken, coleslaw, french fries and rice.

We also ordered Lumpiang Shanghai (P95/$3).  It wasn't that good though.  After dinner, we just explored the place then called it a night since we were still tired from the flight.

The next day, T and I woke up early and explored the resort grounds before having breakfast. 

Costabella's breakfast spread is amazing! This is the omelette, french toast & pancake station.

We ordered from each station.. Hungry!!

They have so many kinds of bread.

They also have ordinary white bread and ensaymada.

It was cute how they placed the jam and butter in bamboo poles. 

There's cereal and milk for kids.

They also have salad and cold cuts which are not usually offered in other breakfast buffets.

One thing T and I always eat in breakfast buffets is bacon. There are a lot of other main dishes but I don't know why we have no photos of them :(

Juices offered are watermelon and pineapple juice.

Not only does Costabella serve coffee, they also have native hot chocolate!  I wish all breakfast buffets have this.

What's for dessert? Fresh fruits and pastries.

T and I loved our stay in Costabella. Simple but relaxing.. Away from it all. But Valentines isn't over for us just yet :)

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Costabella Tropical Beach Resort
Trip Date: February 2011

Buyong, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Tel No.: (6332) 495-1000; 238-2700

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  1. I love the sunset shot, mother! :) And I'm looking forward to seeing more photos from your new cam ;)

  2. late post? =) still its a good thing i found this entry because my husband and i are planning on going to cebu this december. scouting for hotels/resorts and this seems a great choice.

  3. the breakfast spread is one of the things i look forward to when having vacation! :D

  4. i love hunting sunset! it's stunning seeing the sky become orange


  5. This place looks amazing, what a great Valentine's weekend! (Don't even get me started on the food!)

  6. Love the rustic feel of the lobby :D And gah, those food shots make me crave. I want a hot cup of tsokolate right now!

  7. What type of cam are you using? It's nice. Photos are very crisp. =)

  8. Cebu has always been on my list when it comes to vacation places. Apart from its urbanity, the place has also preserved its rich historical background.

    I love the sunset shot you got in here. Parang may sunog sa kabilang baryo.. lol:)

  9. bet you had lots of fun there dear! great photos, love your top and bag ;D those dishes look yummy <3

  10. Ohno!!! Chicken skin!!! I like it now!!! :)

    Photos that scream LIFE!!! Beautiful. :)


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