Valentine Weekend (Bohol): Amorita Resort.

 For our second Valentines trip, T and I went to Bohol and stayed in Amorita Resort.

I have nothing but good things to say about their staff, both from the Manila office and in Bohol. T and I had problems with our flight schedules (no thanks to AirPhilippines!) so we made a lot of last minute changes. But from the moment the problems arose until the time T and I arrived in Amorita, there was always someone making sure that we were ok. At any time of day, whether early in the morning or late at night, a staff member from Amorita was always accessible via mobile. These things T and I greatly appreciate because we really put a premium on good service more than anything else. So thank you Ms Ivy Banal of Amorita's Manila office, Ms Cathy, Ms Nish and everyone from Amorita Bohol's front desk for making our trip stress- and hassle-free :)

After they served us our welcome drinks in the lobby, a staff member accompanied T and me to our villa. We originally wanted the Ocean View villa but all were occupied so we got the Garden View villa instead. Maybe we'll get to try it during our next visit to Bohol.

She toured us around and showed us the different parts of the villa.

My favorite things in a resort are the little details, like this welcome cookie jar and aromatherapy diffuser.

I also like the idea of having a bracelet instead of a keychain for the room key. This way, I have less chances of losing it.

And then she showed us the outdoor bathroom, which instantly became our favorite.

Included in the little things that I love are the toiletries offered by hotels and resorts.  I love Discovery Shores' Rustan's-made toiletries, Shangri-La Boracay and Bellarocca's L'Occitane and now, Amorita's Acca Kappa.  

It may seem a little too exposed but the walls of the villa are really high and covered with equally high trees so the risk of exposure is close to none.. I hope.

The outdoor bathroom has access to the plunge pool so after swimming, we can go straight to the bathroom and shower, without having to go through the bedroom and wetting the floor.

This was T's idea.  He posted the photo of me on his Instagram while I posted my photo of him on my Instragram.  "My view, his view" :)

For those not staying in a villa, the infinity pool is a good place to hang out. This is one of my favorite shots.

Amorita Resort also has hotel rooms but I wasn't able to see what they looked like inside.

Amorita is nestled on a cliff but has access to Alona Beach through a stairway. For the first time, T and I didn't mind that our resort wasn't right on the shore.

T wanted to stay in our villa the whole day (I mean, who wouldn't right?) but since it's his first time in Bohol, I wanted him to see at least one "tourist spot". We took a walk along Alona Beach.

I was surprised at how Alona Beach is so much like Boracay already! It wasn't this busy when I visited a few years back.

On the way back to Amorita, we stopped by Hayahay to have pizza and fries.

Hayahay is known for serving the best pizza along Alona Beach. We ordered their "special" pizza but it was blah. The fries were not that good also.

If my summer staple is my Mend by Invisible Children cow tote, this is T's.

After eating we went back to our villa and found this. Again, the little details. I love it! :)

We still had time to kill before dinner so T listened to his new tunes while I bonded with my Kindle.

Around 6pm, we went to the main pavilion for dinner.

I had the buffet. It was grill night.

T was craving for steak so he ordered ala carte.

We didn't go to Alona Beach to see what sort of nightlife they have down there. T and I were too full and sleepy so we decided to turn in early.

The next morning was a bright, sunshiny day.

This is a nice area to eat breakfast.  It's beside the infinity pool and overlooking the beach.

T and I both had the breakfast buffet.

Here is T checking out the different kinds of bread. I love their jams!

On the other side is the omelette and french toast station.

I got both the omelette and the french toast but I don't know why I don't have photos of our food.  I was probably hungry ;)

Our server gave us a morning power shots that tasted like taro (ube).

After breakfast, we took a morning stroll along Alona Beach.

Seemed like everyone was up late last night partying. There was no one at the beach!

T and I took one last photo before we left our villa.

We'll surely miss this place!

Thank you Amorita Resort for giving me and T one of our most relaxing vacations.. :)

Happy Valentines everyone! :)

Amorita Resort
Unit 701 The Infinity 26th St.
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines

Tel No.: +632 553 9549
Mobile No.: +63 917 861 9441


  1. Joei!!! It looks so pretty there! Been wanting to go to Bohol with my boys, but desperately need to find a place that's affordable and kid friendly. Would you recommend this place for a family like ours?

    PS The food looks like it's worthy for another hunger games twitter session with Arthur and the gang!

    PPS Does the GM's letter say Mr Joei? Hehe bet you get that all the time.

  2. I love looking at the photos. Bohol should be one of my places to visit next time. Lovely room and I love that the staff are well-trained :)

  3. I love the plunge pool! ^__^ Based from the pics, I agree that Amorita pays attention even to the small details. No wonder T didn't want to leave the villa. It's so nice and relaxing. :)

    Amorita is actually one of the resorts we were looking at for our Bohol trip but we ended up in Bohol Bee Farm. The next time we will definitely try this resort not only because of its beauty but its exceptional service! Thanks for the info and pics. :)

  4. Oh my gosh the villa looks so nice! I can see why T preferred staying indoors. Hahaha I can't wait to book and go there too. So jealous! I shall make my boyfriend go there with me when he comes here :D

  5. What an amazingly stunning place! you lucky thing that looks like a total paradise!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  6. I love the pool area! Are the rates good?

    And the photo of you and T taking each others pictures ;)

  7. Sis you are so pretty! Haha! Nice naman ng Amorita! Bonggabels! Kailangan magipon! Haha!

  8. Nice pictures! I want to go there when I go back to the Philippines!!

  9. Beautiful place! Looks so relaxing. =)

  10. Hi! I'm currently running a giveaway.. maybe you're interested! :)

  11. At night, Alona Beach is really jam packed with people. They say it's really like Boracay. I can't compare it though 'cause I've never been to Bora. There are people getting massages on the beach, there's lot of music, lots of food, and lots of happenings, lots of people.

    Amorita seems to be the place to relax and unwind. It's actually strategically located since being close to Alona gives you the chance to go down and party or just stay in Amorita and chill.

  12. MRS P CUYUGAN. Yes, it said 'Mr' & yes I get that all the time ;).

    Anyway, ya. I recommend Amorita for a family vacation. Totally kid-friendly. They even have a playground. As for the budget, if you think the villa is too much, you can opt for the hotel room :)

    KORYN. Same suggestion! If you want, you can get a hotel room instead of a villa. Or go after summer/peak season ;)

  13. The ambiance is romantic perfect for Valentine getaways...

  14. Wow! Nice room and I love the private pool. :)

  15. Wow! I enjoyed this photo diary a lot. Wonderful photographs. :)

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  17. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you back!
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  18. wow!is this haven?
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  19. nakakainlab naman ung hotel, ganda at mukhang kumpleto na sa lahat.. gusto ko ung view pag breakfast.. :P

  20. Very nice, I've always wanted to try Amorita. :)

  21. Perfect place to have a vacation.

  22. Hey Joei!

    Thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Amorita Resort as well! The easy access to the beach and island hops, make this an excellent base to explore Bohol!

    Happy Travels Everyone!



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