P.F. Chang's.

Tried not to post photos of food during lent because I didn't want to torture people who are fasting. But since it's Easter already and one of my favorite restaurants in the US finally opened their first branch in the Philippines, I have to post this entry! (Read my post on Alabang Town Center's expansion).

Most P.F. Chang's restaurants have 11 foot tall horses by the entrance. The horse symbolizes the original Forbidden City in China, which was built for China’s first emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.

"At P.F. Chang’s you are surrounded by a unique environment combining influences of Chinese and American cultures."

View of the bar from the second floor.

Every corner has a terracotta warrior standing guard.

Enough of the interior and on to the food! Since this has been a long overdue post, I combined all the dishes that T and I got to try during our visits to P.F. Chang's.


I always order the Jasmine Iced Tea while T gets the Tamarind Iced Tea (P95).


T and I love the Hot & Sour Soup which has chicken, tofu, bamboo shoots, egg and mushrooms, balanced with hot white pepper and vinegar.


You can't dine in P.F. Chang's and not order their Chicken Lettuce Wraps (P285). This is their signature appetizer of wok seasoned minced chicken, mushrooms, green onions & water chestnuts served over crispy rice sticks with cool crisp lettuce cups.

P.F. Chang's has what they call 'special sauce' (small pot in the middle) to which hot mustard (small pot on the left) and/or hot sauce (small pot on the right) are added to.

Our server explained to us that the sauce can be used in all of their dishes to make it more flavorful.

T and I love the Pork Dumplings, which are made fresh by hand in the kitchen. Options: steamed or pan fried, pork or shrimp.


All entrees come with a cup of brown or white rice but we wanted to try their Fried Rice Combo (P225), which is wok fried rice blended with egg, soy, carrots, bean sprouts, and sliced scallions.


The Kung Pao Chicken (P365), which is chicken breast stir-fried with peanuts, chili, peppers and scallions, goes really well with the special sauce. I really like this dish.

On the other hand, T prefers the Orange Peel Chicken (P340), which is chicken tossed with mild chili sauce and fresh orange peels.


In one of our visits to P.F. Chang's, T and I really liked one of the starters called Dynamite Shrimps (I don't have a photo of it because my phone was stolen during a wedding :s). So the manager told us to order Crispy Honey Shrimps (P425) on our next visit because it's similar but with more flavor and more shrimps. And he was right!

The Sichuan Shrimps (P595) prepared in red chili, pepper and garlic sauce, is just ok.


If you still have room, order coffee and dessert.

You really have to try The Great Wall of Chocolate (P395).

Six rich layers of frosted chocolate cake topped with semi-sweet choco chips, served with fresh strawberry and raspberry sauce.. To die for.

I believe P.F. Chang's is planning to have another branch in the Fort area but as of now, you really have to go and visit Alabang to taste their food. If you need directions, leave a comment below and I'll try to help you out :) 

Happy Easter everyone and happy eating!

P.F. Chang's
Most Recent Dining Date: March 2012

Alabang Town Center
Alabang, Muntinlupa

Tel No.: (632) 869-7837
Mobile: (0917) 533-3445

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  1. wow! i have yet to try this. last time i was in ATC it was still under construction. now that ill be based in alabang from next week, this i will try.

  2. DONG. There are a lot of new restaurants already! Even Jamba Juice is open na :)

  3. I wasn't able to try their special sauce, but I have been hearing about it. :) The one who served us didn't advice us about it, but when reading other posts, seems like it's supposed to be a norm that they do. Sayang! The only dish in your post that I was able to try was the sichuan shrimps, and I really liked it. I think next time I want to get the Kung Pao Chicken, looks really good.

  4. MARY. Yes! Every time we eat there, the servers always tells us about the special sauce. I wonder why they weren't able to tell you that during your visit.. But no problem! You guys can eat there again and ask for it ;)

  5. OMG! Hot & sour soup's one of my faves! I miss ATC, I used to be a south belle :) Sana I could visit this year.

  6. The place looks interesting. :)

    I would love to try out their hot & sour soup! It is my fave soup of all times. xD

    But why does it have to be located at Alabang?! It's too far from my place. T___T

  7. I haven't tried P.F. Chang's yet.. :( Alabang is really far from where I live, but I'll make sure to take a trip down south really soon. All those food look so good!

  8. Wow! That chocolate cake is really huge! Haven't tried PF Chang's yet but hopefully soon :)

  9. omg, they're open already?! yay! Thanks.

  10. i noticed that there's a large area that was expanded. i have the whole year anyway to try each.

  11. I love PF Chang's! The lettuce wraps are my favorite but I've never tried the dessert...it looks so yummy!

  12. Every time we try to eat at PF Chang's there's a 45minute wait before we get a table. And each time, within that 45minutes, my little boy complains and we end up going somewhere else to eat. Can't wait to try all the yummy food!!! Keeping my fingers crossed we get lucky with an available table the next time we try.


  13. MRS P CUYUGAN. Try to go a little after dinner. We went last night, still packed! But didn't have to wait :)

  14. I didn't like PF Chang! I liked the exterior and it's concept but was very disappointed that the restaurant had poor acoustics--it can get very noisy! like a cefeteria! Not what u expect from a restaurant of their calibre.


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