Conti's = Conting Tiis.

Note to my non-Filipino readers: I played with the name of the restaurant (Conti's) to turn it into a Filipino phrase which means "a little bit more patience" (CONting TIiS).

I've eaten in Conti's since its early years but this experience changed my whole opinion of the restaurant. Yes, your Mango Bravo cake may be good but it's not enough reason for me to be back anytime soon. Good food is only part of the whole dining experience. There's another thing called GOOD SERVICE, too.

Let me begin the tale of "The Iced Tea, the Lemonade and the 2 Glasses".

After waiting for a long time to be seated in Conti's Greenbelt...
Me to server: What refillable juices do you serve?
Server: Iced tea and lemonade.
I always drink half iced tea, half lemonade (Arnold Palmer!) so I asked...
Me: Can I have half iced tea, half lemonade?
Server: No.
Me: Oh ok. So can we get an iced tea and a lemonade? But 1 glass would have half of each?
Server: No.
By this time I was getting annoyed...
Me: Can we have an iced tea, a lemonade & 2 extra glasses with ice.. We'll pour it ourselves.
Server: Ok.

Can someone please explain?

Let's say Conti's can't give me 'half and half' because they count the number of glasses for their inventory.. I still don't understand why they can't give me 'half and half' when I ordered a glass of iced tea and a glass of lemonade. Inventory-wise, this shouldn't be a problem then. Right??

That's why I love Johnny Rockets (will publish my post on this later). Order a refillable drink and after finishing it, you can ask for any other refillable drink on the menu. If they can do it, why can't the other restaurants do it, too?

Instead of enjoying a relaxing dinner, T and I got stressed pouring iced tea and lemonade into the 2 SMALLER glasses they provided us, again and again, when the servers could've saved us from the trouble and done this in the kitchen..


Oh, and this is on top of the servers being so inattentive that by the time we got their attention, we just wanted to ask for the bill and walk out of there.


  1. hahaha at least me i dont miss the food since i grew up on it and their bestsellers arent so enticing also for me to go back there...cept for the occasional salmon pie..

    In terms of service at BF, they know us so we are treated like gods hahaha

  2. That's too bad. Conti's at Katipunan has better service...

  3. Conti's Greenbelt branch has the worst service! Went there once and i'm never coming back!

  4. nakaka lungot naman kung ganun ang service ng Conti's. Gusto ko pa naman yung food nila. I have dined several times in Greenhills branch, ok naman yung service.

  5. I agree, if the service is bad I really need to be craving something bad from a restaurant to go back. Only if I can't find it at a restaurant with batter service.

  6. i cant agree more! service matters most, despite of how delicious the food they serve. i feel sorry for what happened to you there..


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