I took all of the photos in this post except for the photo of Aguirre (which became viral in Facebook so I have no idea who to credit).  If you need to use my photos, please leave a comment or email me (joeiandme @ yahoo.com) and ask before using them. Thanks!

Without saying too much, I just wanted to share the reason for my short blog hiatus through photos.

First day madness.

The accused: Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona, and his wife.

The Senator-judges wearing their official robes.

The day this happened...

Good thing, everyone calmed down after a few minutes.

On a lighter note, have you met Richard Gere?

Oh, sorry. My bad. It's just former Senator Webb ;)

I wanted to limit my text for this post but to my non-Filipino friends & readers:

The pictures you see depict a challenge that the Philippines is facing right now.. An event that will probably go down history books since this is a 'first' for the country. It's not yet over but hopefully, everything will be resolved by June. In the meantime, let us all pray for peace and unity.


  1. Hi sis, ang galing mo naman at nakapunta ka talaga sa Senate to witness the trial. Updated din ako sa Impeachment via TFC.

  2. I don't know if it's something to be ashamed of but I don't know anything about the impeachment trial. I haven't read or watched news regarding it.

    After former Pres. Estrada's impeachment trials, I haven't bothered to watch the news.

    But it mustve been nice to experience going there and experiencing everything first hand.

  3. nice. you were actually there when that circus-like part happened.

    richard gere! hahaha...

  4. You have a friend who works at Shiseido? Lucky you, I hope she gets discounts. :P


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