Draw Something.

If there's one reason why you should get the new iPad, it's Draw Something!

Draw Something is similar to the board game Pictionary or the tv show Win, Lose or Draw. But what differentiates this from the other apps is that you don't have to play simultaneously. You and a friend will take turns drawing and guessing each other's works of art. So it's perfect for busy people who only have downtime in between classes or at the end of a busy workday.

During a turn, you will be given 3 words to choose from. And every time a friend guesses your drawing correctly, you earn coins that can be used to buy bombs (clues) or color sets (paint).

Initially, my friends would just make unrecognizable scribbles in a few seconds making it difficult for me to guess what the word is. Can you guess what these are? (Peace friends, you know I <3 you guys ;))

Then I made a Facebook album featuring 'The Best of Draw Something' and suddenly, all the drawings became cute and artistic! ;)

But it's frustrating when the drawings are so pretty and yet I wasn't able to guess them. Sorry Petita! I wasn't aware of the book/movie during this time.

T really enjoys this game because he loves to sketch.

I, on the other hand, am brought back to the good ol' days when I would doodle on the back of my books and notebooks while in class.

Since I've been playing for quite sometime, I came up with a personal list of tips, likes and dislikes.

1. Writing the answer or writing words as clues.

First of all, you're given three words to choose from. I'm pretty sure at least one of those words is easy to draw. Second, that's why it's called Draw Something, DRAW being the operative word.

When friends do this to me more than twice, I'm tempted to pass the turn. But I find it acceptable to use letters when it doesn't give away the word totally or if it's incorporated in a drawing.

2. Conveying the message.

Sometimes I get difficult words so the key is to convey the message instead of perfecting the drawing.

3. Drawing flags of countries.

Countries are also part of the word list but don't just draw the flag unless it's very common, like the United States flag. Chances are, you Googled for the image of the country you chose so don't expect your friend to know it at first glance.

Aside from the flag, add another drawing to give your friend more clues about the country you picked.

4. "Googling" a word.

If you search the internet for clues on what a word is, chances are your friend doesn't know it, too. Pure logic.

5. Assuming the answer is obvious.

Sometimes we get simple words and the answer may be obvious to you but it may not be so to your friend.

Add more clues to make sure you get the message across.

Draw Something has a free app version (for iPhone and iPad) but after a while, the words will repeat making the game boring for the other players. So buy the Draw Something app from the iTunes Store while it's still on sale for $0.99. It's so worth it! I just hope they update soon because T and I have been at Turn 99 (highest level) for some time now.

Note: After buying, don't forget to delete the free app before using the paid app.


  1. I love Draw Something! Considering that I am an artist this is a totally entertaining game for me. :))

  2. Cool! I love pictionary. I might give this game a try too. =)

  3. Been trying to add you on Draw Something but it keeps saying you have too many games as of the moment haha.

    It's hard to draw on my smartphone! But yeah, I've seen elaborate drawings too :)

  4. Some of my friends and workmates have grown so addicted to this game! hahaha sometimes, we even have drawing battles at work.:D They've played it so much now they're pretty sick of it. Hahaha But yeah, this is a really cool app. :)

  5. I'm addicted to this too! My officemates and I are always competing at work but some of them are already sick of it due to repetitive words to draw and guess. me, i'm still addicted. adding new friends to compete with. I just got my Draw Something app back after almost 3 weeks of unable to open it. I just re-installed the app and good thing my streaks and competitors were not deleted.

    Hey, by the way, you drew well :)

  6. This looks so cool! :D I don't have an iPad so this is actually the first time I came across this game. Would love to try this soon though 'cause I love to draw! :D And this game seems so fun!

  7. OMG I used to like play this game! Quite addicted, but I like to play this kind of game with my brothers at home since I live far from them, so we love to play this game. Anyway, you drew them all? You're a genius head! hahaha I love the scream one LOL

    Well, happy draw! <3

  8. ang gagaling naman ng iba. it's fun indeed with draw something. a great add to Iphone apps.

  9. I have played Draw Something using my friends' iPad! It is such an interesting game! I couldn't take my hands off the iPad! :))

  10. Yay! Some of my drawings are posted haha.

  11. HAHA this is such a cute blog! I loved the drawings for the graduate, Brazil, and the caveman! Thanks for playing Draw Something with me :)

  12. Very creative drawings.

    I read something sa twitter that goes something like this (puro something ang sentence ko. haha) - ang draw something ay parang love...akala mo, forever mo ng gugustuhin.

    I got addicted too with DS, na love at first sight ako sa kanya pero now, my something with draw something has gone. :)


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