What's New In Town? Crisostomo!

Alabang Town Center --- ATC or Corte de las Palmas to most, Town to those who live in the area. My favorite mall in the Philippines even if it houses only a few stores compared to other malls. Where people wear maxi dresses or shorts and Havaianas even when it's raining, where people use totes instead of their Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga or Hermes bags. The keyword is LAIDBACK.. And that's why we love it!

I've seen it back when it was still known as Twin Cinemas (those who lived in Alabang since the 90's can relate to this) until it became Alabang Town Center or Corte de las Palmas. And now, after almost a decade, town finally expanded!

They're constructing new restaurants outside including one of my favorite restaurants in the US.. P.F. Changs!

Just a few days ago, I was thinking that it would be great to have a Muji store near my house and tada! Wish granted!

This is the new wing.

More stores on the second floor.

We finally have Kiehl's, too!

More stores and restaurants are opening in the next month. Excited.

There are only 2 new restaurants that opened this week. Bon Chon..

And Crisostomo..

T didn't really feel like eating in Bon Chon, with the crowd and all, so we went to Crisostomo. Crisostomo serves the usual Filipino fare but with Spanish, American, and Japanese twists.

Instead of S for Salt and P for Pepper, they have S for Suka (vinegar), T for Toyo (soy sauce) and P for Patis (fish sauce).

Crisostomo has different types of iced tea: Lemon, Pandan, Tamarind and Calamansi Malunggay (sugar-free). T got the Lemon iced tea while I got the Calamansi Malunggay.

For starters, we ordered the Mang Pablo (P325/$9), which is crispy beef tapa. It's like bacon, Filipino style. A must try!

For our main, we got the Legazpi (P495/$12), which is tempura-style prawns with Laing inside and served with crab fat sauce on the side. I'm not really fond of Laing, a spicy and creamy local dish of taro leaves, but I really liked it.

Another main we ordered is Binagoongan ni Pia (P295/$7) which is crispy pork binangoongan. Another yummy dish.

And finally for our rice we ordered the Taba ng Talangka rice (P275/$7), which is rice cooked in crab fat.

Overall, we liked Crisostomo. It's just a little bit cramped (too many tables, too little space) but the food is really good! Definitely value for your money.

And I like how they pay attention to little details. See how they gave back our change.

Dining Date: 12 January 2012

Alabang Town Center
New Wing
Muntinlupa City


  1. We went here about two weeks ago. I have to agree, it's more laid back. I remember telling hubby that I want to live in your area. Lol!

  2. wow ang ganda na in ATC!! havent been there for a long time na.

  3. 2 korean restos? tsk. tsk. tsk... korean invasion talaga.

  4. Cute chicken! Hehehe! I love how a restaurant really follow through with the theme even for very small details. =)

  5. I've only been to ATC twice and I love how laid back the place is. It's just too far from my area so I can't pay it a visit more often.. XD Anyway, the food at Crisostomo looks delish! I haven't eaten there yet but I'll make sure to try it out really soon.. :)

  6. ATC or the Alabang area in general is very similar to Cali - laid back. Makati and The Fort on the hand, feels more like NY where you have to dress up to go anywhere. I love Alabang. I love the South.


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