Sumilon Bluewater Resort (part 3).

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Day 3
30 October 2011

This was our last day in Sumilon Island so we woke up really early. So early that we got to see this low tide view of the beach by the pier.

For breakfast, I had french toast with a side of bacon while T got bread with butter & jam, and a side of bacon also.

After breakfast, I went to the hammock in front of our cottage --- my favorite reading spot. By this time, the water had risen already so the dark, coral-filled area wasn't visible anymore.

Since it was our last day, we decided to do the walking trek to see the rest of the island. We were given walking sticks to guide us through the trail.

The trek was a bit difficult... because I wasn't dressed for it. Haha! The trail by the side of the island were made of very sharp rocks so my Havaianas just wasn't cutting it. But the minor scrapes were worth it because the view was fantastic! Too bad my Olympus was still dead so we only had camera phones and T's Flip.

I love this photo. You can see the division between the sea and the lagoon.

This beach isn't usually accessible to the guests. Untouched, isolated beaches are, for me, the most beautiful ones.

Our tour guide told us that we had 2 options: go around the whole island for 2-3 hours or take the short cut and head right to the lighthouse. We chose the latter since we were leaving in the afternoon.

After a few minutes of walking through the forest, we finally reached the lighthouse!

Beside the lighthouse is what they call "Baluarte". Baluarte is a Spanish word that means fortress.

Meanwhile, my Olympus camera was showing some life but the LCD display remained black. So our guide had to shoot pictures blindly, which he actually did a good job of. Case in point? Our photo below.

After the lighthouse, we headed to the Yamashita Caves. Who is Yamashita? Legend has it that Emperor Hirohito of Japan ordered General Yamashita to hide tons of gold and other precious metals in the Philippines. Nobody knows if the legend is true or if the treasure was ever found but this famous tale led voyagers to search the Philippine seas for this lost treasure.

Since it was almost Halloween, the staff of Sumilon Bluewater placed decorations inside the Yamashita Caves. Ironically, it made the place less spooky.

After exploring the caves, our guide led us to the shifting sandbar.

We also went to the little hut by the Marine Sanctuary.

Our guide had to shoot photos blindly again because my Olympus' LCD still wasn't working.

We went back to our cottage and had lunch in our veranda.

T had the clubhouse sandwich while I had the grilled tanigue with rice.

I had the yummy watermelon shake one last time.

Because of the day-to-day stress we get from work, we tend to bring that sort of mood back to our personal lives without meaning to. Which is why Sumilon Island is the perfect getaway for busy people like me and T.

Once we stepped into the island, we felt all this negativity suddenly disappearing. My favorite moment is waking up each morning to beautiful shades of blues and greens, giving me this certain calmness from within. And during our entire trip, we rarely looked at our mobile phones! We felt that any connection to the outside world will disturb the peace and serenity that surrounded us. Sumilon Island is definitely a place where you can fully relax and fall in love all over again :)

The Sumilon Island Series
Travel Date: October 2011

For more information, visit
Sumilon Bluewater's Official Website


  1. i like resorts that occupies the entire island. there's just too much to offer that a weekend wont be enough.

    thanks for dropping by my blog. ill also drop by once in a while.

  2. Wow! I'd love to visit Sumilon Bluewater Resort too.. :) Love the waters! I hope I get to go there this summer, if not, any time within the year sana.. XD

  3. nice pics sis! followed you na!

    thanks for following my blog.

  4. I've always been curious of Sumilon Island. Thanks for the beautiful photos

    Followed you through GFC


  5. searching for reviews in Bluewater Sumilon. :) thanks for sharing your review. Hindi ko makita sa official website ng beach resort yung rates nila. Do you know their rates per night?


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