It's More Fun In The Philippines!

After the 'Pilipinas Kay Ganda' (Philippines so beautiful) fiasco that resulted in the resignation of then Tourism Secretary Enteng Romano, the Department of Tourism finally came up with a new slogan:

It's more fun in the Philippines!

The Department's official website is still under construction but flashes these attention-grabbing images:

The slogan is also trending on Twitter. Even famous author Neil Gailman joined in.

"@neilhimself: #itsmorefuninthephilippines hashtag is a true one. They applaud loudly and hug you a lot."
But the internet and social media have its ups and downs. Nothing really escapes Google searches and someone found an old poster of the Swiss National Tourist Office using the same slogan.

Current Tourism Secretary Mon Jimenez said this was only a coincidence. I just hope that it is because the reason why there was a fiasco in the past was because the 'Pilipinas Kay Ganda' slogan and artwork were copied from Poland's Tourism Website.

In any case, I think the Philippines' new slogan really suits the country. And I doubt if Switzerland will contest our new slogan given that theirs is more than 50 years old.

And it's true... It's more fun in the Philippines! Where else can you fly to gorgeous beaches like this and this and this even out on a whim? It's more fun in the Philippines!


  1. I love the new slogan. It really suits us. There are just some people who thrive on negativity. =)

  2. I like the new slogan, but I still like "Wow Philippines!" more.

  3. I'm also more attached to "Wow Philippines" but I'll very much support the new slogan.. :) Let us prove that it's really more fun in the Philippines.

  4. I got many many Filipino friends after I came here for study (even I have my filipino roommate! :P)
    I want to go there so bad, I usually hear Philippines have a beautiful beach and I wanna to go there! Thanks for your post, have a great day!


  5. Well, before "Amazing Thailand" there was "Amazing Australia
    . And before "Malaysia, Truly Asia" there was "Truly Tuscany". I think the naysayers just don't have anything better to do haha.

    Seriously, why be a party pooper when finally, there's a campaign that's got everybody hooked? Positive vibes! :)

  6. I like the slogan and the ads, so I hope they keep it and no one's gonna be against it! lol My fave as is the ene with the stairs - how cool :)

  7. paano kaya sumikat yang it's more fun in the Philippines na yan. Haha!


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