Invisible Children and Mend Bags.

One evening, I surfed the net for foundations and the different causes they support when I came across Invisible Children.
"Invisible Children is a movement seeking to end conflict in Uganda and stop the abduction of children for use as child soldiers."

 I mentioned in my previous post about Toms shoes how much I love 'helping others + fashion' collaborations so when T asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I asked him if he could get me a Mend bag.

Mend is one of the projects of Invisible Children.
"Mend is a social enterprise geared towards facilitating financial independence and development for vulnerable women in northern Uganda."

The bags are made by former abductees from Uganda, who were forced to become soldiers or wives of rebel commanders. These women were lucky to escape but since they were once affiliated with rebels, they were ostracized in Uganda when they returned.

Since the women are treated as outcasts in their own country, Mend provides them with a livelihood program to support themselves and their families.

The bags are a reflection of each woman who made them. Each bag contains details about the seamstress' life. My bag was made by Laker Lucy.

Imprinted inside my bag is Laker Lucy's story:
"At 14, Lucy was abducted by the LRA and spent years in captivity. Your purchase allows Lucy to provide a better life for two daughters, Hope and Josie."

Laker Lucy is one of Mend's newest members But after only five months after she joined, she was already awarded 'Seamstress of the Month'.

Mend: Laker Lucy from Mend on Vimeo.

Rachel Bilson and Kirsten Bell are both very vocal about their love for Mend bags. Oprah wrote about Invisible Children in her website. Bono, his wife and the owner of the brand Diesel even visited the Gulu facility in Uganda where the seamstresses make Mend bags.

Image credit: Mend's Facebook page.

Among the different Mend bags, I chose the Slingshot Cow Tote. According to their website:
"For centuries, cows have represented wealth in Uganda. So it's no surprise that investments in cattle are among the most popular income-generating activity in which our seamstresses have chosen to invest. Cattle can be rented to neighbors for plowing during the planting season, and they provide milk to the family year-round. The particular type of cow featured on this bag is a very familiar sight to anyone who's traveled the roads of northern Uganda."

Here I am with my Mend bag and Toms shoes.

For more information on Invisible Children, visit their website at


  1. I also got myself a few pairs of Toms! Not just because it's a comfy and walkable shoe but because of the cause itself! Yay! Cheers sis! :) This bags are awesome! May name pa ng seamstress! :D

  2. Very admirable. It's really great that there are a lot of foundations that can reach a larger audience through the web. For me, it's much more effective than handing our flyers in the mall. =)

  3. Wow, what an inspiring project, I'm speechless, really. And I'm really touched by your continuous support of projects like this.

  4. inspiring post. its really great. wanna follow each other?

    follow me if you loveand i'll follow back

  5. Oh wow, this is such a nice advocacy. I've watched a couple of documentaries about Uganda women and their situation is very heartbreaking :(

    And the bag ain't bad at all! It's the perfect "extra" bag to hide in your handbag and pull out in case you've had too much shopping ;)

  6. do you know that i got myself a beabi rajo laurel bag because of your post? now i'm tempted to get a mend bag hahaha..

  7. thanks dear, ive followed you back ! great post, so interesting<3 keep in touch xx

  8. Good advocacy. You help people while still doing retail therapy :)


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