Golden Monthsary at Cru Steakhouse.

This January we celebrate our golden monthsary! I know, I know. There's no such thing and nobody really celebrates their 50th month together. But I was just thinking.. If old married couples celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, young unmarried couples should have their own golden thing as well ;)

We were planning to have dinner in a simple cafe in Makati but when I called the place, they were about to close already. Craving for steak, T remembered this restaurant in Marriott Hotel that he wanted to try.. Cru.

When we got to Cru, the hostess informed us that their call for the last order was at 10pm (it was already 10:15pm) but she was gracious enough to ask the chef if we could still dine. And he said yes!

We love the design and feel of Cru.. Red interior, dark wood, dim lights.   

Apologies for the grainy pictures. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my bag was stolen in Church (of all places) a week before Christmas so all I had during dinner was an iPhone to take photos. I'm usually fine with it but the lighting in Cru was too dim that the iPhone couldn't capture the images well.

This is the grill where the steaks are cooked. And these are the people who had to work a little longer that night because of us. Thank you :)

To start, our server gave us Cru's special bread (tomato, spinach and parmesan) with goat cheese and herbed butter on the side.

The bread might look small in the photo but it's big and very filling! T and I just got soup so we'd still have room for our main course. The Wild Mushroom Veliger (P340/$9) was... No words to describe it. T loved it so much!

T had the 250g Angus Rib Eye (P2,500/$60) which comes with a choice of sauce and 2 sides. For the sauce, he chose Bernaise. I only had a big bite of the steak but it was the best!

The steak also comes with 2 sides. T got Portobello Mushrooms and Potato and Onion Gratin and 2 extra orders of Black Truffle Risotto. All of the sides were heavenly.

I had the Basil Crusted Seabass with whipped potato and lemon butter sauce.

By far, I think this is one the best meals we've had! Too bad the photos do not do the dishes justice.

I wasn't really dressed for a nice dinner out because like I said, we were only planning to go to a simple cafe. But what the heck, right? Good food, great company and spontaneity... That always sounds like a good combination to me.. :)

Cru Steakhouse
Dining Date: 5 January 2012

Marriott Hotel
10 Newport Boulevard
Newport City Complex
Pasay City

Tel No.: (632) 988-9999


  1. Congrats sis! Keep the love burning!

  2. A little expensive dinner there. Heheh! =)

  3. Oh my, you are so sweet! :)
    And I love how the Basil Crusted Sea Bass looks!

  4. 50 months and still going strong! Congratulations..

  5. congrats on the 50th monthsary!

  6. Happy Golden Monthsary! :) Hopefully we can dine at Cru next time to celebrate a special day too :)

  7. Sounds like a lovely time! (I love pretty food...mmmm...) Happy Monthsary!

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  9. happy anniversary dear!! may God always bless both of you. and omg those foods look so delicious. I love your blog, all contents are amazing <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  10. Honey, c'mon, you can celebrate whatever you only want ;) You have my full permission!! haha CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!

  11. Even if you only had your iPhone with you, the meals still looked delish! Happy golden monthsary to you and T! :)

  12. nice one! btw checkout monthsarydotph/join i hope you like it too


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