Subic (part 3): Texas Joes.

After our Zoobic Safari adventure, we were hungry. Like, REALLY HUNGRY. So we went to our favorite restaurant in Subic... Texas Joes.

My mouth was already watering just thinking of their famous ribs. So I really got disappointed when our server told us they didn't have any that day. Fortunately, they had an alternative: baby back ribs to the rescue!

We scribbled and doodled while waiting for the food.

I like the interior of Texas Joes, dark wood and midwestern decors. The servers were also dressed in theme as cowgirls.

They also have a billiards table.

For starters, we got Buffalo Chicken Tenders with bleu cheese dip and potato skins.

We also got an order of Potato Skins.

T and I both ordered Mug Rootbeer. Sorry, no bottomless drinks here but each order comes with 1 free refill.

Finally, our full slab of Baby Back Ribs arrived! It comes with the veggie medley and 2 sides. We got beans and corn to go with it plus 2 extra orders of cornbread to counter the spicy ribs sauce.

For dessert, we ordered Apple Pie ala Mode. The apple pie was so-so but the ice cream was yummy!

Full, contented, satisfied.. We were ready to head back to Manila.

Texas Joes
House of Ribs and TJ's Saloon
Dining Date: December 2011

Building MC12
Waterfront Road
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Tel No.: (6347) 252-3189

Texas Joes' Official Website


  1. I'd love to come here. I would like to try the potato skins. Pati skin pala sine serve. hehe

  2. Love that the servers are dressed accordingly! Adds to the experience :)

  3. I'm now craving for some good ribs! >.< Will definitely put Texas Joes to my must-try list when we visit Subic.. :)

  4. Hi Joei! We ate here last June and it's our fave too. My boys love steak a lot..

  5. Hi Joei! We ate here last June and it's our fave too. My boys love steak a lot..


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