Subic (part 2): Zoobic Safari.

Day 2

It was raining when we left Subic Grand Seas but nothing could stop me and T from seeing the tigers in Zoobic Safari!

 Around the ticket booth area, we saw tons of native pigs running around freely. One followed me thinking I had food in my bag. Funny.

Since we just wanted to see the tigers and had no intentions of doing the 2.5-hour Zoobic Safari tour, they provided us with our own guide (although we still had to pay the full fee of P449/$12).

Our tour guide Cathy led us to the area where all of the tigers were. Beautiful, beautiful creatures! But I felt a bit sad to see them in cages.

We had a photo opportunity with one of the white tigers. Her name is Icy. T and I wanted to take her home!

Everyone gathered around when we went inside Icy's area. I got pissed at people who pointed their cameras directly at Icy and took photos with the flash on. Obviously, she got irritated. I wished she'd growl at them but she just paced back and forth and faced the other way.

After that, we went to the Tiger Safari to feed the tigers. We bought 2 whole chickens for P400 ($10). Don't worry animal lovers, these are already dressed chickens. There's no chicken torture going on.

Since we had our private guide, we also had our own jeep. Yey! It was just our guide Cathy, the feeder, a photographer and the driver with us.

Even before we entered the area, there was a huge tiger waiting for us by the gates already. He followed us as we made our way through the trail. As soon as we stopped, the feeder fed him with chicken.

I wanted to touch his dirty paw. Haha!

I was seated beside the window so my Nike gladiators were spritzed with chicken juice! Yuck. T took a video of the feeding with his Flip cam.

There was another tiger beside him that was merely looking at us. I asked our guide Cathy why the tiger wasn't joining the feeding. Cathy said that tigers don't fight for food. Whoever got there first has dibs on the chicken.

The feeder threw the last piece of chicken on top of our jeep and the tiger followed it. He stayed there even as our jeep moved. So cute.

After the ride, we were led to the shop to have our photos printed. The shop was actually an old bunker since Zoobic Safari used to be a US military base. There is also an optional 3D movie for those wanting to pass time.

While waiting, I took a picture of the computer screen showing a photo taken by the official photographer of another group.

Our guide Cathy offered to show us other areas. Our next stop was the Savannah where all of the birds were.

Most of the birds there were ostriches. But one bunker was occupied by those native pigs again. They're everywhere!

I saw an ostrich staring right at us. I thought it was planning to chase us. Apparently, this ostrich is blind.

You can't see it that much but the goats looked funny, some on top of each other. Our guide Cathy told us that goats hate the rain and they stick to each other to stay warm.

Our last stop was the Croco Loco for the crocodile feeding.

Our guide Cathy told us the differences between alligators and crocodiles: Alligators are usually found in North America while crocodiles are usually found in South East Asia. Alligators have broad, wide snouts while crocodiles have thin, narrow snouts. Alligators are not necessarily aggressive while crocodiles are carnivores and are known to attack humans. Gulp.

The chicken parts here were cheaper, around P40 ($1) per part. T and I got a part each.

I changed into my Nike Skysail shoes since I wasn't able to clean my gladiators thoroughly (dried chicken juice drops still present!).

T and I took turns feeding the crocodiles.

I didn't mind teasing them because I'm not fond of reptiles. T took a video while I was feeding them.

I would die (literally) if I fell over. There were so many of them in the lake. I hope this place doesn't get flooded.. Ever.

There are 2 lakes near the entrance. One lake is filled with crocodiles and the other one contains only this fellow. Our guide Cathy told us that this crocodile was so dominant that no one wanted to get near him. And even if any of the others tried to get close, he'd bite their necks off.

The lake near the exit contains the young crocodiles and the disabled crocodiles. Young ones are separated from the full-grown because crocodiles eat their young. Gross.

This crocodile lost his upper jaw probably in a fight.

I thought the Croco Loco Cafe was a restaurant. I can't imagine anyone wanting to eat with crocodiles as their view.

Apparently, it's a toy slash souvenir shop. I didn't find anything appealing though because even if the lizards hanging from thr ceiling were toys, I found them icky.

We went back to where the tigers were to claim our photos. T and I stopped by the souvenir shop while waiting.

Meet my new friends! I don't have names for them yet but I they'll be my permanent travel buddies on my next out-of-town adventures. What should I call them? :)

This is not the first time I've been to a safari but I had so much fun in Zoobic Safari because I got to hold a tiger! For this month, Zoobic Safari has night safaris during weekends. So if you're in for the thrill, better visit them at night.

Here are maps from Zoobic Safari's website to guide you on your adventure:

Zoobic Safari
Group I, Ilanin Forest, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

Tel. Nos.: (6347) 252-2272
Mobile: (63929) 707-2222

Zoobic Safari's Official Website


  1. woot for the shoes! ♥

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  2. Wah, I want to feed the tigers too! It's like my dream pet. Hehehe. :)

  3. I've been there a couple of times already and I enjoy my visit every single time. I'm thinking of bringing Kelly there for Christmas. :)

  4. I want to go back! Wala pa white tiger when we first visited.

    Btw, just followed your blog. Hope you could follow ours as well.

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