Subic (part 1): Subic Grand Seas Resort.

Day 1

My camera got stolen together with a few other gadgets 2 weekends ago. Even worse, I wasn't able to upload our anniversary photos that were still in my camera. So last weekend, T and I decided to drive to Subic for another getaway.

We stayed at Subic Grand Seas, a new resort 5 minutes away from the Freeport Zone.  T and I availed of their "Romantic Getaway" package which included:
  • Welcome drinks - Served at the restaurant.
  • Sunset cruise - An hour boat ride around Subic Bay just before the sun sets. However, couples may opt to take the afternoon cruise between 2pm to 5pm or the morning cruise between 8am-10am.
  • Candlelight dinner - Candlelight bouquet dinner at the Veranda from 6pm to 9pm.
  • Honeymoon Suite - Twin Deluxe or Double rooms.
  • Supreme breakfast - Special plated breakfast between 7am to 10am.

Welcome Drinks
Because of the weather, we got to the resort late in the afternoon already. I guess that's why they forgot to offer us our welcome drinks. But the staff were really accommodating and friendly. They were there to assist us from the time we checked in until we got to our room.

Honeymoon Suite
The rooms are Bali-inspired. Simple but pretty. They have two room types: the Twin Deluxe room (pictured below) with 2 twin beds and the Double Deluxe room with a queen sized bed.  We requested for a Double Deluxe room but they gave us a Twin Deluxe room.  Something about broken A/C in the room originally reserved for us but they were fully booked so that explanation didn't make any sense to us.

Their snack bar is a bit bare, probably because people who go to Subic usually bring their own snacks coming from a road trip.

The bathroom has a sink and a shower.  We kind of had a problem with the toilet bowl.  It kept clogging up.

Basic toiletries were provided: soap, shampoo, lotion, toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Upon checking in they gave T a wallet to keep our card key in.  It was a bit tattered and torn.

They also have a flat screen television set, which I know is important to most guys, so we got to catch a bit of the Azkals vs LA Galaxy game.

Candlelight Dinner
Couples availing of the package have 3 menu choices. We availed of Menu Choice 1.

The dinner was originally set up in the veranda outside but since it was raining, they had to set it up in the function room.

There's my date!

And here I am!

We started with Potato Leek Soup. T and I really liked it.

Next was Salad Celeste. It would be better with a bit more dressing, which tastes kind of like Thousand Island.

For our main, we had Baby Back Ribs in Maraschino Barbecue Baste with Risi-Bisi Rice and Baby Carrots on the side. We asked for more sauce and dipped our baby back ribs there. Yum!

They served our dinner with a glass of wine.

For dessert, they served us Petit Fours.

After dinner, they gave me a red rose.

After dinner, we went to the lobby to inquire about the morning cruise and then we called it a night.

Morning Cruise
The next morning, it was a bit cloudy. So in anticipation of the rain, T and I decided not to go on the cruise anymore.

We just went around to take pictures and stayed in our room when it eventually rained.

Supreme Breakfast
I wasn't able to take photos of our breakfast but they gave us a choice between Ham and Egg (with bread) and Pork Tocino (with rice). For our drinks, they gave us a choice between coffee or juice.

Subic Grand Seas Resort
83 National Highway
Barrio Baretto, Olongapo City

Tel Nos.: (6347) 222-8541 to 42
Mobile No: (63917) 844-7327 (SEAS)
Subic GrandSeas Official Website


  1. wow this is so fabulous, what a luxurious getaway!! Fab!

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear about your cam. I love Bali inspired interiors! It does look like a romantic getaway :)

  3. That sucks that you lost all that stuff. :( Hope things take a turn for the better, though.

  4. You look absolutely beautiful! What a fabulous location for a getaway! And that Christmas tree...swoon! :)

  5. So glad you two got to go on the getaway although I'm awfully sorry someone stole your camera.

    xo erica

  6. lol, bare is an understatement! but no one gets from those over-priced mini bars anyway! :P so sorry to hear about your cam, that's such a hassle but in fairness, your vacay looks like it was worth it. makes me want to check in right now :)

  7. This sucks so much about the stolen camera and the photos that were still there!! :(( But I am glad you made up for it at least in some way and had a good relaxing weekend!!

  8. Hey, thanks for blogging about this resort, Joei! We're always on the lookout for nice hotels in Subic! I've never heard about this one until you blogged about, yay!


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