Welcome 2012!

Like me, I'm sure most of you have calendars filled with Christmas dinners and post-Christmas celebrations and parties, leaving little time for anything else.

New Years Eve 2011 in Las Vegas.

When Parents Give Kids Bad Presents.

Last Halloween for a YouTube challenge, Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to tell their kids they ate all of their Halloween candy. And now, in the spirit of Christmas, Jimmy Kimmel once again asked parents to pull a prank on their kids by giving them horrible advance Christmas presents. It's really funny. Watch it :)

Subic (part 3): Texas Joes.

After our Zoobic Safari adventure, we were hungry. Like, REALLY HUNGRY. So we went to our favorite restaurant in Subic... Texas Joes.

Subic (part 2): Zoobic Safari.

Day 2

It was raining when we left Subic Grand Seas but nothing could stop me and T from seeing the tigers in Zoobic Safari!

Subic (part 1): Subic Grand Seas Resort.

Day 1

My camera got stolen together with a few other gadgets 2 weekends ago. Even worse, I wasn't able to upload our anniversary photos that were still in my camera. So last weekend, T and I decided to drive to Subic for another getaway.