Sumilon Bluewater Resort (part 2)

Day 2
29 October 2011

We were up bright and early the next day because I finally convinced T to take diving lessons with me. We first had breakfast at the pavilion. I got pancakes with a side of bacon.

T got danggit (a kind of fish) with eggs and fried sweetened bananas.

After breakfast, we went to the dive shop for our wet suits.

Diving lessons are usually conducted around the Garden Eel Plaza but since the waves were a bit stronger than usual, we went to the Marine Sanctuary.  I actually prefer the Marine Sanctuary because the water was so calm and pristine!

It was a bright sunny day and we were ready to learn! I was so excited :)

We started with the basics. I believe this part is usually done in swimming pools but since the sea was so still, Ranie and Junie (our instructors) taught us at the shallow area. Below, Junie is teaching T what to do in case his goggles gets foggy.

For the intro dive, our instructors said they could take us to a maximum of 10 meters deep. I know that's still shallow but I had a major adrenaline rush.

During our dive, the water was so clear that we could see everything. It was so surreal! There were tons of fish but my favorite was a group of clownfish that played with us. Ranie, who was assisting me, volunteered to be our cameraman but something went wrong with my supposedly waterproof Olympus camera! This is the only photo I had underwater. Boo.

After diving, we went to the pavilion for lunch. My Olympus camera still wouldn't open so the next photos were all taken by a camera phone :(

For starters, we had the shrimp and papaya salad.

T and I both had the sweet and sour fish, this time with rice ;)

For dessert, I had the classic creme brulee while T had ube (yam) creme brulee.

We were tired from the diving experience so we decided to just hang out by the pool. Does the photo look familIar? I took the picture below but you might have remembered a similar photo from my previous post on group buying scams by Metrodeal and Ensemble E-Travel.

The best part about the pool area are the 3 hidden jacuzzis surrounding it. T picked the jacuzzi with the best view.

I'm glad the iPhone has a pretty decent camera because my Olympus was still dead and buried in a bag full of uncooked rice (tip: that's how you get moisture out).

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the jacuzzi and pool area until it was dinnertime. T and I each had calamari and pumpkin soup to start.

It was pizza and pasta night so we got cold pasta salad, spaghetti bolognese, carbonara and two pizzas. Carbo loading!

The spaghetti bolognese was really good and that's coming from someone who isn't too fond of red sauce pastas. The carbonara, on the other hand, was a bit bland. Lucky me, T offered to switch ;)

For dessert, I had the fruit platter while T had the Filipino rum cake. The fruits weren't really sweet so I would've been better off with ordering a slice of cake as well.

We borrowed a new set of DVDs and played darts for a while before heading back to the cottage.

The Sumilon Island Series
Travel Date: October 2011

For more information, visit
Sumilon Bluewater's Official Website


  1. soo love the foods and the vast blue ocean.... sana makapunta rin ako diyan!

  2. wow, seksi mo pala sis! foods look yummy. Parang I want to try diving din!

  3. Ahh these are not type of foods I usually have for breakfast but the photos look sooo good!! I know I'd happily have both these for lunch and dinner :) But who am I kidding though - all of the foods here look great!

    I also love the jacuzzi idea, the views are great! Hope your actual camera is back in working condition, but the iPhone does take very decent pics, so I don't mind seeing those at all :)

  4. Joei, I just saw you haven't entered my giveaway... You're more than invited!

  5. Hi fellow GTalker! :)
    We were in Sumilon, too, last September. We had our honeymoon there. We just tried snorkeling. Too scared pa to go scuba diving haha! Hope you can check out my Sumilon post, too.

    Followed you via GFC. :)

  6. SO ENVIOUS, JOIE!!!! And can I just say, you're so sexy in your bikini!!!!! =)

    Thanks for visiting my blog once again. Yes, i miss blogging! =( Hopefully, I can post soon! =)

    -Nina of

  7. I can't wait to go here! thanks for sharin! :)


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