Bistro Saratoga in Tagaytay Highlands.

One of my happiest childhood memories is going to Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club every weekend with my family.  I fondly remember ordering a basket of buffalo chicken from the Irish pub (which isn't there anymore) or tempura from the Japanese restaurant and eating them by the veranda, playing bowling and table tennis at the sports club, hanging out in the library, or having a massage at the spa.

Since then, there has been numerous additions to the area and one of them is Bistro Saratoga at The Midlands.

It's one of those places where photos won't do it justice, even more since all I have is my phone to take pictures.

If you're health conscious, you'll love this place. Everything on their menu is organic. Even their drinks are healthy. I got the Sweet Rush Lemon Grass Tea (P80/$2), a refreshing and detoxifying drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

While waiting for the food, our server gives us focaccia bread with butter and pesto.

For starters, we have the Mushroom Caviar on Whole Wheat Toast (P150/$4) with shiitake mushrooms and walnuts. According to the menu, shiitake mushrooms contain lentinan, a compound used as a cancer treatment in Japan. T and I both love this dish!

What first caught our eye when we entered the restaurant is the salad and pasta buffet. But because the main courses come with a salad already, we opt to order ala carte instead.

Choices of salad dressing include raspberry, balsamic, mango and honey mustard. My favorite is the balsamic dressing, T's favorite is the raspberry vinaigrette.

The salad dressings are also for sale at P280/$7 per bottle.

For his main course, T orders the Honey Balsamic Chicken (P380/$10) which is flavorful oven-baked marinated chicken quarters.

On the other hand, I order the Pan Grilled Salmon Steak with Mango Sauce (P580/$15) which is a pan grilled salmon steak, laced with a tangy mango sauce and served with marble potatoes or organic red rice.  I love this! One of the best salmon dishes I've had.

Even their desserts are healthy.

"Our dessert creations.
For the creation of healthy desserts we choose different sweeteners such as honey, mascovado, fructose, and Splenda. These sweeteners have different qualities and health benefits. They should be favored over the use of white refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Some of the desserts are low fat in quality. For the preparation of the classic chocolate mousse, however, we use nothing but the real stuff, fresh dairy cream, but Splenda as sweetener."

T and I get the the Duo Chocolate Mousse, Splenda sweetened (P95/$3).

I have a Cafe Mocha while T has an Iced Cafe Mocha.

Sunny weather + good food + great company = A Perfect Sunday ♥

Bistro Saratoga
Dining Date: 18 September 2011

The Tagaytay Highlands Golf and Country Club
Tagaytay City, Cavite
(646) 483-0888

Note:  You have to be club shareholder of Tagaytay Highlands 
(or know a shareholder so they can endorse you) 
in order to dine in Bistro Saratoga


  1. Oh chilhood memories :)
    Definitely the best.
    Beautiful pictures and delicious food.

    See you!

  2. healthy and yummy = the best! :)

    join my giveaway!

  3. Lovely pictures! :) The food and the view as well look great!

  4. The chocolate mousse looks delish! It made me crave. :|

  5. KIM. What's your blog url so I can visit? :)

  6. Saw something sweet again! Kakasira ng diet. Hehehe! Love the place. Where is it exactly located? =)

    I categoried my blog as "personal blog" in FB. Hope it helps! =)

  7. It's awesome that you get to come back and experience in new ways the place you used to visit with your family when you were a kid! Your salmon looks good to me, btw. I love salmon!!

  8. beautiful place... and your salmon looks really yummy.

  9. The food looks delicious here! Oh and the Duo Chocolate Mousse...! Everything looks delightful.


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