Vikings: A Feast By The Sea.

A luxury buffet by the bay. The first time I heard about it, they told me it was better than Sofitel's Spiral at only 30% the price.. Could it be?

Before I give my verdict, let's go through the spread first. The buffet is a fusion of different cuisines -- Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, American and Italian. Strategy-wise, I suggest you hit the Japanese section first.

They have a wide range of choices for sushis and makis... Make that bright-colored makis.

Make sure you find the partly hidden shabu shabu and sukiyaki corner and order for your table since it takes a while to cook.

Next, hit the carving station. They have lechon, lamb and tenderloin. But this is during dinner time. When I ate in Vikings for lunch, they didn't have lechon and lamb.

Be careful not to waste any meat. Get only what you can finish because they'll charge you P100 ($2.50) for every 100 grams leftover.

The steak was so-so and I don't eat lamb so I cant give you feedback but the lechon was superb. Crunchy! Although later that night, when one of our friends got a serving of lechon, it wasn't that crunchy anymore.

Go to the seafood section next. Everything is fresh so get as much shrimps, fish and squid for your table because all of it has to be cooked.

Beside the seafood section are the pastas and pizzas. Pasta and pizza are on an order basis, customizable to your liking. Meat toppings include bacon, ham, sausages, meatballs, and herb chicken. Seafood toppings include squid, fish, mussels, shrimp, and anchovies. Vegetable toppings include black olives, green olives, mushrooms, white onions, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, broccoli, capers, and truffle paste. Sauces available are pomodoro, b├ęchamel, olive oil and pesto.

Since you've ordered everything, you can now visit the appetizers section. Of course, they have the usual salad bar.

They also have cold cuts, cheeses, spreads, bread, crackers and best of all.. Caviar!

After getting your fill of appetizers, head over to the main courses. There are two rows of meat and veggie goodness including curry, osso bucco, and lengua.

There is also a vast range of Chinese food but I'm not fond of that cuisine so I wasn't able to take photos. Maybe it's worth mentioning that they serve duck (but I also don't eat duck so..)

And now for the fun part, DESSERT! Carrot cake, ube cake, chocolate cake, fondue, cookies, strawberry mousse, strawberry panna cotta, mango mousse.. Name it, it's there!

They also have ice cream, both sorbetes and soft serve.

And don't forget my favorite part... the sprinkles! I think I had a gazillion number of trips to the dessert station before I became officially full.

What I love about Vikings that no buffet (other than hotel breakfasts) has is unlimited drinks. Coffee, tea, juice and even beer.. Everything is refillable!

A little reminder though :)

So now the verdict.. Is Vikings better than Sofitel's Spiral? Definitely not! BUT.. I'd have to say it is worth your P888++.

A little tip before rushing to Vikings: Call beforehand and make a reservation especially on a weekend. If you don't, chances are you won't get to eat until it's 9:30. And call at least 2 weeks in advance if you're aiming for a Sunday dinner thing. Trust me.

Most Recent Dining Date: 14 August 2011

San Miguel By The Bay
Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

(632) 846-3888
(632) 846-4888
(632) 846-5888
(63917) 565-3888

NEW RATES (Starting September 1)
You still have 2 days before they increase their prices for weekend buffets!


Adult P688
Children (3ft to 4 ft) P288
Children (below 3ft) Free

Adult P888
Children (3ft to 4 ft) P388
Children (below 3ft) Free


Adult P388
Children (3ft to 4 ft) P188
Children (below 3ft) Free

Adult P888
Children (3ft to 4 ft) P388
Children (below 3ft) Free

Adult P1,088 (when we visited it was only P888)
Children (4ft to 4'6ft) P688
Children (3ft to 4ft) P488
Children (below 3ft) Free

75 years old and above will be given a 50% Discount.
All prices are exclusive of 5% Service Charge.

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  1. Cheaper than Sofitel? Will give this a go. :)

  2. MOMMY JUDY. Yes, even with the price increase (from P888 to P1,088) it's way cheaper. Although I still prefer Sofitel, of course :)

  3. My dad told me about this a few weeks ago. It's good to see a review of this resto. Can't wait to try it out!

  4. KIM. Thanks for visiting! I visited your blog but it seems like you're still starting out. No blog posts yet :)

  5. thank you for your comment sweetie!
    follow me and i'll follow you back!

  6. Wow! Now this is what I call a buffet - everything looks divine! :)

  7. I'm craving sushi so much now!! This is definitely where I'd make my first stop... And I'd stay there, of that I am sure! lol

  8. Hope I can try the buffet in Vikings. I like their dessert selection! I would love to try the ube cake. :) It's also nice that there's refillable drinks.

  9. We love sushi...and we would really like to go there! Great meals they have!
    xx from Edinburgh

  10. Better than Spirals? That's a tall order to fill. But everything looks yummy though. Guess there are hits and misses. =)

  11. THE AVERAGE JANE. In my opinion, no.. It is not better than Spiral. Its worth your P888 in quantity but still far from Edsa Shangrila's Heat or Makati Shangrila's Circles.

  12. It does look like it's worth he price. Will definitely tell my family in Pinas about this. I'm curious about the Chinese food.

  13. great post. have been thinking of trying out vikings too. :)

  14. We tried the renovated Sofitel Spiral last Valentine's Day, they have great Desserts, and their new Cheese Station is great, but overall I still like Vikings better.

    The new Sofitel didn't have much sushi, so if you're a sushi lover, I'd recommend Vikings over Spiral. Their Seafood station also wont serve the food to your table, and wont even give you a number to track which plate is yours when you give them your seafood for cooking. They gave my plate to someone else twice! and I had to go back to the station 3 times to finally get my baked lobsters. To think a hotel resto would lack such simple process.

    Spiral and Vikings are my top 2 buffet places. But the only reason I like Spiral is because of their Foie Gras! other than that, I'd prefer Vikings any day.


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