Skinny or Curvy?

Just a random thought that crossed my mind ever since I saw the controversial cover of Vogue Italia which uncharacteristically featured plus-size models.

The concept of beauty has changed time after time after time. What we probably regard as "fat" now was what was considered beautiful during the Renaissance. And what we consider beautiful now (from skinny models to lean bodies) probably wouldn't be appreciated much during that era. The trend has been going skinny, curvy, skinny, curvy through the years but we mostly got stuck with skinny.

Here is a photo of Kate Moss bringing back the skinny trend in the early 90's. It's been that way for a long time, with models getting skinnier and skinnier.

But then comes curvy models in the likes of Tyra Banks and Bar Rafaeli, who probably inspired Vogue Italia to launch its "curvy spread".

Is curvy sexy? Vogue Italia answers:

So now dear friends, I ask you the the million dollar question..


Image credits:
Vogue Italia

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  1. There is no question, in my opinion. Curvy models are extremely sexy and I would much rather have a sexy body than a twig body. There is nothing sexy about a grown woman with the body of a 12-year-old boy.

    Ask any guy! :P

  2. Hmmm... I would say just curvy in all the right places! Haha. While I can appreciate curvy models, I honestly am not a big fan of plus size. But skinny models look kinda unhealthy to me, so there you go. My ideal body shape (for myself or a model or anyone) is the slim but curvy body of pin-up girls and the like. ;)

  3. It doesn't matter. I think anyone can look good as long as they feel comfortable in their body. :)

  4. I definitely think both are sexy, it's all about confidence :)


  5. It's all about the way one carries oneself. Skinny, curvy...if there's confidence, there's glamour! :)

  6. Hello, Joei!! I can't choose. :) Not much into curvy curvy women and too skinny naman. :) But, at the end of it all, it's how one carry thy self. :)

  7. Both are sexy. :) If a woman exudes confidence, her dress size does not matter at all.

  8. Curvy is any woman who has curves, not extra weight. To me, curves are boobs, hips and butt... not fat! So, with this being said, it's not skinny but nor is it fat, a woman should be of a healthy weight for her height. And she's lucky if she's got curves! Just my opinion, of course :)

  9. I don't think the question should be skinny or curvy, but rather, healthy or unhealthy? Both sizes have their pros and cons in terms of aesthetics, but it's important to keep everything in proportion (as with all things). Women should embrace what they have and make the best of it imo.

  10. Hi Joei! I like this post a lot! There are days when I wish I looked like I did at 24. But most days I am realistic and quite happy with my current weight. Not large, not tiny. It's easier said than done though, to not equate weight with self-esteem when ads used to just pressure women into fitting in tiny clothes. So I guess the woman who is able to do this--have a healthy self-esteem despite of her weight, is the truly sexy one! Cheers!

  11. We saw this article in VOGUE.IT a few months ago and thought that it is a great idea and they look absolutely stunning!
    following you:)
    xx from London

  12. Curvy is definitely better! =)

  13. Great feature from Vogue. It's nice that they are starting to appreciate women with curves. :)

    I can't choose between the two. I think having a healthy body weight is more important. :)

  14. having the right curves at the right places;-)...

  15. Both are sexy. Sexiness is in the way we carry ourselves. Some of us are born a particular body type.

    Sometimes, it irritates me when I hear real women have curves. Some people are born without curves whatsoever, and they're as real as plus size women are.


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