My Plueys & The Collective.

The pair Sundae Shop sold me had a really noticeable defect on the toe area of the boot. They offered to exchange it but they're not sure when the stocks will arrive. As of Aug 27, I'm still waiting. Hopefully I'll get it soon :(

For almost a month or two, thunderstorms have been raging the Philippines left and right. The result? Waist-deep floods, really bad traffic jams and a lot of people left with no homes.

Fortunately, my community wasn't that affected. Thanks to a good sewerage system, water barely rose an inch in my village despite the heavy rains.

On a lighter note, I now have an excuse to buy Plueys! It was such a hassle to walk through puddles when going out that I felt it was justified to get a pair of rain boots. Well, in the end, I actually received it as a gift from T ;)

The name Plueys is a playful take on the French 'pluie' for 'rain', because these are the humble rubber boots of our childhood reinvented with brave, bright and fun designs which recall the simple joys in life - like playing in the rain.

Unfortunately, it seems like I wasn't the only one with the idea of buying rain boots. I called each and every store I knew that sold Plueys but all of them were out.. Except for one store located at The Collective.

The Collective is described as an "anti-mall" started by two people who couldn't find a hang out place one Sunday. T told me that the place used to be a warehouse of old car parts. Now, the place is home to a variety of creative shops. Pretty interesting.

The store where I got my Plueys is called Sundae.

Aside from Plueys, they have tons of other trendy stuff, too. You might want to check them out if you're in the area.

Thank you for accommodating me, Angel and Angela. You guys are really nice. More power to your store!

Me trying my new Plueys on. Love it. Bring on the rain!

Since T and I were already in the area, we decided to explore the rest of the stores at The Collective. The first one I saw was Yadu, which specializes in creating bags from old clothes. I wanted to go inside to look around and take photos but at that time, the owner and her staff seemed really busy with arranging the store that I felt like I might intruding if I go in.

So instead, here are some photos of my favorite bags from Yadu's online catalog.

Next door is Hocus, a store which specializes in restoring old bikes and screen printing.

Here are some of the bikes that were restored.

Bike art on the walls across the shop.

Next up is a tattoo parlor.

After that is a pretty interesting wall! Nice artwork.

A few steps after is an art gallery called Vinyl on Vinyl.

At the turn of the corner is Wabi-Sabi, a noodle house and vegetarian grocery store.

Beside it is a burger place called Offbeat but they were taping/shooting something so I couldn't take photos. Other interesting stores are a costume shop called Skitzo...

..and a clothing store called Hmrm, short for Homeroom.

At the outer area of the compound are Wingman and Happy Palace. I wasn't able to take photos of Wingman though because there were lots of people hanging out by the entrance.

There were more stores I wanted to go into and food places (since their concepts are one-a-kind/unique, I can't describe them purely as cafes or restaurants) I wanted to eat in but there wasn't any time since we were headed somewhere else. Maybe next time.

Here is a map from The Collective's Facebook page because it's pretty hard to find if you're not familiar with the area.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Wow! I'd love to go there! I'd definitely ask my friends to find that place. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. So sad to hear about the thunderstorms and the after effects. I hope they stop and people can get the chance to rebuild... so sad...

    On a lighter topic... your 'plueys' are fabulous!

  3. Wow, glad to hear that you're safe! Those rain boots all look so fun and colorful! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. Love the Plueys on you!!! Waaaa! I miss eating at Wingman!!!!!!! *drools*

  5. Joei, yosh's friend owns the company that distributes Plueys here :) Raincloud inc. Lemme know if you want any of the other designs. I love 'em plueys and rain skimmers! :)

  6. The Collective sounds like my kind of place! I love this kind of concept stores where you can just get lost for a few hours - they always have unique and exclusive stuff along with well-know and cool thingies.

  7. I would have loved to know about this place back when I was still working in Makati! Too bad.

  8. Ooh, the handbags and rainboots are too cute - love! :)

  9. Love your rain boots! And even better is when your shopping trip turns out to be in a place like this...very indy!

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  11. Those rain boots are so cute :)


  12. OMG I want to go there!!! How fabulous! :D

  13. Cool! thanks for sharing this. I followed you already, please follow back. :)

  14. Wow, I never knew there was a mall like that hidden somewhere in the metro. :) Your plueys look really nice! I once saw a girl wearing plueys and I found it really cute. Now I know where to buy a pair! ^_^

  15. The Collective looks like a great place to visit. Such a breath of fresh air from the commercial areas we have. =)

  16. yey for plueys! they really are very useful in this weather of ours. :) am actually planning to go to The Collective. Thanks for posting a review about it. Can't wait to visit it myself

  17. Yipee! You finally got your Plueys! That's actually one of the designs I'm thinking of buying too! :)


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