Murray & D'Vine.

I know you're expecting the 2nd part of my Bellarocca post but I'm still organizing the photos (there are hundreds!). So here's a food entry first to keep you occupied :)

This afternoon, T and I were in the mood for burgers so we went to Serendra for Murray & D'vine. Their motto?

But not only are they known for burgers and sliders, they also have "damn good wine!".

Aside from their setup, I love their catsup and mustard bottles. I've never seen anything like it. So cute!

It was Happy Hour in Murray & D'Vine (2-7pm) when we arrived so pica-picas were 30% off. T ordered Fries with Onion Rings (P185/$4.50 less 30%). Good stuff!

I ordered the Mozzarella Cheese Balls (P215/$5.50 less 30%). Also yummy!

During T's first visit here, he got the Ostrich Burger. This time, he ordered the My Son-In-Law's Spicy Burger (P350/$8) with extra mushrooms, bacon and cheese (around P30/$0.75 per topping).

Although T loves Murray & D'vine, he didn't like this particular burger. He expected a special sauce to make the burger spicy but instead, he got a beef patty that tasted like chili con carne.. Something he's not really fond of.

I got the Beef Bleu Cheese Burger (P365/$9). Finished the whole thing. Yummy! I also love how their buns are heart-shaped.

Like I said, it was "Happy Hour" so drinks were 50% off. T got an ice cold beer.. Guinness!

On the other hand, I got a frozen margarita. And even if it wasn't in the menu, they accommodated my request for a strawberry-flavored one. One more good thing to say about Murray & D'vine is that they don't scrimp on their alcohol.  Whoa!

T and I love everything about Murray & D'vine.. The interior, the food, the drinks, the people. Oh, and they also have free wifi.  Expect us to be back soon!

Murray D'Vine
Dining Date: July 17, 2011

(formerly Brava) Space C114
G/F Retail Area Serendra
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

(632) 856-3723

Official Website:


  1. I've never seen burgers with heart-shaped buns before :) This is a fun touch!

    P.S. The interview is not a new one... They just reran it again along with new segments on the topic. So if you feel like listening to it again, you can always do so at the link placed in my blog's sidebar :) lol

  2. JULIA. Oh, sorry. I thought its a new one :p

  3. I love their heart shaped buns as well! I've never seen anything like it before :D

  4. The heart shaped buns are so cute! And the mozarella balls sound yum...

  5. All the deep fried stuff sounds amazing! I love the shape of the buns, too.


  6. Ohmigosh I LOVE the heart-shaped hamburger buns - how cute! :)

  7. I would've taken hundreds of Bellarocca photos too!! ;)

    Awww, heart-shaped burger! soo cool! I still haven't tasted Guinness... I wanna have a taste, yes just a sip. haha!

    Been seeing this place but haven't tried it yet... will do so on my next visit. Thanks for sharing! :)


  8. first time to see a heart-shaped bun, too. aliw!

  9. i like the heart-shaped bun. good place to dine in during V-day. =)

  10. super aliw naman ang heart-shaped buns! must try... soon! :)

  11. aww ohmygosh that is the cutest burger ive ever seen!!! :)

  12. Wow, a heart shaped burger! Thats something new :)

    Visiting from GT!

    The Twerp and I

  13. That is the only place I have seen which serves heart-shaped burgers. Such a novelty! =)

  14. i've never seen something more yummy than a heart-shaped burger!

    xx //

  15. love them heart shaped burgers, would have been perfect for a valentine's date:)


  16. Oh no! This looks too deeelish! So hungry and so not motivated to prepare a meal! Totally following you! Do follow back!

  17. Very interesting restaurant. I love the heart-shaped buns. I hope I can visit this place when I get to Manila this year. :-)

  18. I ate in the UK version of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen today. It was yummy, but ours arent heart shaped!!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  19. nom nom nom! :) I want the Mozzarella Cheese Balls and frozen margarita, please!

    Those heart-shaped buns are adorable.

    xoxo, Bree

  20. That looks so good! Love the heart shaped one. I am in Thailand now and also trying so much weird food that I never have eaten before in my life haha. Today was the best: had like these green crepes with cottoncandy-ish stuff inside. So good! Oh and yes, I did make the banner myself :) My sister took the picture in the backyard.

  21. oh i love those heart shaped buns. cute! :) i've seen this burger shop when i was at the fort just recently but haven't gotten around to trying it. i should definitely ask my friends to go here with me soon. nice review joei!

  22. I was looking forward to your follow up post of Bellaroca to make myself envious of that cosy haven but then I ended salivating over fries with onion rings and yummy burger! :)

  23. Do all their burgers come in a heart shape? So cute! =)

  24. nice photos.. yum-yum.. mouth watering hehe...


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