Apple App Store 4th of July Sale.

Good news Apple users, a lot of apps are on sale in celebration of Independence Day! Here are some of the games I bought from the App Store for my iPad.

Before: $9.99
Now: $0.99

I've been meaning to buy this game because I'm a Monopoly fan (read about the unique Monopoly set T gave me 2 Christmases ago) but I just couldn't see myself purchasing something this expensive from the app store. Good thing I waited. The price dropped almost 90%!

Aside from the usual vs the computer, the iPad game has 2 modes: 'Tabletop' (4 players can use the iPad as their board) or 'Local Network Play' (4 players with Monopoly in their iPhones can play against each other using their respective gadgets).

The board is exactly like the classic Monopoly board game, complete with Chance and Community Chest cards.

There are also property cards. My favorites are the railroads.

It also follows all the House Rules of the classic board game. For example, if you don't have enough money or you don't want to buy the property you landed on, an auction ensues.

During my first game vs the computer, I won!

And after each game, a charted Dice Rolling History appears. Probably to show that the computer didn't cheat ;)

Verdict: Definitely worth your $0.99, maybe even your $9.99 (in case you don't get to buy this before the sale ends).

The Game of Life
Before: $6.99
Now: $0.99

Although not as popular as Monopoly, this is another favorite of mine. My sister and I played 'Life' more often than any other board game when we were younger. The object of the game is to, well, go through life -- school, career, family, business, retirement. The one with the highest net worth at the end of the game, wins!

Like in the real board game, you get to choose your car color.

They also replicated the wheel found on the classic board game. Yes, the real board has a wheel! Cute huh?

But the similarity ends there. Unlike in Monopoly for iPad where players are shown the whole board, in the Game of Life for iPad, the only viewpoint is from the car's perspective. In other words, there's no overview of the whole board leaving you clueless as to how far along you are from the retirement homes and stuff like that. And unlike the real board game where things are written on the spaces you land on, the iPad board game has nothing written on the spaces. Random cards just pop up. Because of this, it's confusing to play (and maybe even boring), especially to those who aren't familiar with the boardgame.

At the very end, you'll be given a summary of your 'life'. By the way, I lost twice to the computer.

Verdict: I wouldn't buy this for $6.99 and still 50-50 even for $0.99.

Family Feud
Before: $2.99
Now: $0.99

Apart from time management games, the only games I can see myself buying at their full price are gameshow adaptations. But again, good thing I waited because the price dropped although not that much.

I don't have to explain the object of the game since Family Feud is popular worldwide.

I love how my 'family' posed before the game started ;)

Verdict: None yet because I haven't played a full game. But the game received good reviews and the only con I read about it was that it passes by too quickly featuring just a few episodes. So if that's the case, I can see myself buying it for $0.99 but not at its original price. Survey says?

Before: $4.99
Now: $0.99

With the NBA lockout, boys have nothing to do but play NBA related games to satisfy their basketball thirst. So when this went on sale, I got it for T.

Like Monopoly, NBA Jam allows you to play against your friends who have this app installed in their iPads or iPhones and iPods.

Verdict: I haven't really played it so I can't say but it seems worth the $0.99. And even my friends who bought it at its full price raved about it so I'm guessing it's good.

Other games that are on sale for $0.99 are Battleship, Risk, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Clue (hidden objects game), Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Asphalt 6, Need For Speed, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, Fifa 11, Tetris, Dead Space and Sim City Deluxe. So visit the App Store now before these games go back to the regular prices after July 4. Happy playing!


  1. If I had an iPhone or an iPod, I would definitely be getting Monopoly... I may have to suggest it to my Dad (who has both!).

    Andrea x

  2. "The Game of Life" is such a sarcastic sounding name when you really get to think of it, if you know what I mean! lol


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