Max's Chicken All You Can.

I finally got to try Max's Chicken All You Can!

One of the best (and oldest) chicken restaurants in the Philippines!

This month-long promo created quite a buzz when it was introduced to the public last year.  However, I was in the United States at that time so I wasn't able to experience it. Good thing they offered it again!

For P199 ($5), you get unlimited servings of chicken and a drink (Pepsi products or iced tea).  Drinks can be made refillable for an additional P28 ($0.50).

I got the refillable iced tea.

T and I tried to go to Max's last Sunday but the place was packed!  Good thing also because today, a friend of ours treated 15-20 of us for her birthday.  With this promo, the bigger the group, the better.  It's much more fun!

My placemat.. Ready to eat!

The promo doesn't come with rice so you have to order extra.

I know it doesn't look appetizing but it's a Max's Chicken All You Can "tradition" to photograph your chicken bones.

I took a photo of each and every one in the group before eating and after eating to see if there was a difference in how we looked.  It was just a crazy idea but was proven true!  T and I looked so "tired" after our meal.  Compare the pictures below.

This was BEFORE starting our Chicken All You Can adventure.

And this was AFTER (I had 3 big portions/3 quarters)

T had 5 big portions (that's probably more than a chicken and a half's worth)

Chicken All You Can is available at all Max's Restaurant branches nationwide from 6pm to 10pm daily.  But the feast won't last long!  It will end on July 10 so call your family and friends and schedule a dinner date ASAP. 

The condiments that made the meal even tastier.

As an added treat, Max's is also giving coupons worth P20 for every P200 spent during the promo.  The coupon is valid for a year after its issuance.

I had to eat something sweet after so I had buco pandan with ice cream and 2 caramel bars.

Max's Chicken All You Can is so worth it!  But I don't think I can eat.. or even smell or see any form of chicken in the next 48 hours.  Like they say, too much of a good thing can be bad ;)

Max's Restaurant
Dining Date: 28 June 2011

All Max's Restaurant branches
Visit their official website for more details:

Sephora Colorista Palette.

Like I said in a previous entry, I like receiving make-up as gifts because I rarely buy cosmetic products. My everyday make-up kit contains nothing but lipstick, powder and the current nail polish I'm doting.

Which was why I got excited when my sister's birthday gift came in the mail today... Sephora's Colorista Custom Palette!

The palette contains 40 eyeshadows, 5 creamliners, 15 lipglosses, 4 blushes and 2 bronzers. Wow! For someone who's not into make-up, that's a lot!

The set also comes with a small stick to lift the little pots, which are attached to the big palette through magnets.

But the best thing about it is that it comes with a mini palette so you can bring 8 eyeshadows or lipglosses and 2 blushes or bronzers.

I guess that sets it apart from the other palettes. Since palettes are really big, they're much of a hassle to bring for touch ups. With the smaller palette, that won't be a problem anymore.

I guess now I have to browse through my magazines and do a little experimenting and color matching and mixing :)

How about you? What's your latest beauty purchase?

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My Birthday Trip (part 3): Naga - Cam Sur Water Sports Complex and Bigg's Diner.

My friends and I planned an out-of-town trip to celebrate our birthdays last May.  If you missed the first two parts, read  Destination #1: Bagasbas and Destination #2: Calaguas first :)

Getting To Naga

From Calaguas, we took the same van we hired going back to Naga. But if you landed on this page because you Googled for directions from Manila to Naga, you have 2 choices:

1. Drive to SLEX and exit at the farthest point.
2. Turn right to take the road to Batangas.
3. Drive straight up to the Sto. Tomas junction, and turn left.
4. Drive straight onwards, passing thru Alaminos, Laguna.
5. You will next pass thru San Pablo, and then you will hit the Quezon Boundary (Villa Escudero).
6. You will pass thru Candelaria, Sariaya, Tayabas junction, and then Lucena.
7. At the Lucena junction, take the left side of the road (diversion road) instead of going into Lucena City.
8. Onwards to Pagbilao, you will pass thru a sign that says "Bondoc Peninsula". Don't take that road. Instead, move on and you will shortly hit "Eme" or more commonly known as Bitukang Manok,(a zigzag road within the Quezon National Park).
9. From Pagbilao, you will hit Atimonan.
10. Next, you will pass through the picturesque town od Plaridel (formerly called Siain). You will see beach resorts on your left then you will hit Gumaca.
11. After passing through many more Quezon towns, you will hit Sta Elena. Andaya Highway (formerly called Quirino Highway) will be to your right. This is a shorter route, instead of driving straight ahead to Daet.
12. Proceed on Andaya Hiway until you find yourself back in Quezon, just passing through the edges of Tagkawayan.
13. Shortly after, you will find an arc that says Welcome to Camarines Sur". Naga City is 30 minutes away from that arc.

Camsur Watersports Complex

Camsur Watersports Complex is the best tourist destination in Naga. I first went here when it opened in 2007. A few years later, here I am again.

"Camsur Watersports Complex is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing. For beginner riders to the professional wakeboarders and skiiers from all over the world, CWC offers a 6-point cable ski system, coupled with restaurants, sand bars, spas, pro-shops and grand stands to hold guests. Riders can also enjoy their favorite water sports at night as the park will be equipped with spotlights that allow for it even to be open on evenings."

The sky was a bit gloomy when we got there since storm Chedeng was just looming over the horizon.

My Birthday Trip (part 2): Calaguas Island.

continued from part 1...

Day 2

21 May 2011

Note: I suggest joining Calaguas Island Tours if you want a hassle-free Calaguas trip.  They'll take care of your transportation (we had to hire our own jeep and boat because we left around lunchtime), food, water and tents.  I believe they will also provide you with  free surfing lessons in Bagasbas the next day (we didn't avail of this because that was the first leg of our trip).  Information can be found below.

Getting There

We were already in Daet so we only had to hire a jeepney to take us to the port in Vinzons.  There are several boats in Vinzons with prices ranging from P3,000 to P5,000 ($80-$120) for a round trip.  We opted to pay P5,000 for the biggest boat because we didn't want to take any chances.  A bit of a warning though: I'm not sure if this is true for all boats but our boat didn't have seats.  We all had to sit on the floor or on the bamboos located at the sides of the boat.

This is the "port", the starting point of our Calaguas Island adventure.

My Birthday Trip (part 1): Bagasbas Beach.

My friends and I (together with the boyfriends) planned an out-of-town trip to celebrate our birthdays last May.   Our destinations?  Bagasbas Beach, Calaguas Island and CamSur.