Take Me To The Beach ♥.

Inspired by the scorching heat outside, I decided to dedicate a post to my fairy dust, my happy place --- THE BEACH!  Warning: photo overload of the sun, the sand and the beach may cause you to book a trip almost instantaneously.

Let me share with you the beautiful beaches in the Philippines...


Nothing will replace Boracay. NOTHING. Despite the commercialization of what used to be an uninhabited island paradise, this is still my favorite island of them all.

At Shangrila Boracay's private beach.

Boracay is our favorite vacation place.

My happy hour drink of choice: Strawberry Margarita

The Rain (rain go away) Dance.

Boracay is my comfort island like how pizza and fried chicken are my comfort food. The best thing about Boracay is that there's something for everyone!

My favorite part of our room in Shangrila Boracay: the daybeds and the balcony!

Getting ready to soak in the sun's rays!

Shangrila's cool but Discovery Shores provides free snowcones for its guests!

If you're adventurous, there's kitesurfing and parasailing. If you're the nature loving type, there's island hopping and snorkeling. If you're just plain lazy, there a tons of beach chairs for you to lie in!

The lazy cat (aka T) sleeping.

If you're a bookworm, the beach would be the perfect place to read! If you like discovering new places, you have a whole shoreline to explore. Seriously, there's something for everyone, except of course if you hate the sun.

Where I started (and finished!) Eat Pray Love.

Walking along the shore.

We love Discovery Shores most of all!

The island is also famous for its nightlife. During our last trip, T tried the infamous 15 shots (and still standing!). Wow that was quite an experience!

Look for me, the girl in white! ;)

Because T finished his 15 shots, his name is now lodged in Cocomangas' Hall of Fame!

T's 15 shots.

This blog entry isn't enough to cover my love for this place. I have over a thousand photos of my different visits to Boracay. Maybe I should do a separate post dedicated to the island one of these days :)


By far the most scenic island I've been to. It's also one of my favorites but unlike Boracay, Coron is more of an adventure place for backpackers. Too bad I lost all of my photos when my iBook crashed.

Getting ready to swim in the emerald colored water.


I brought T here as a surprise for his birthday a few years back. The island is more famous to divers than vacationers because of the thresher shark sightings but I decided on this place anyway because I wanted to go somewhere other than the usual.

Only a few people on the island.

Since the island wasn't that known to tourists at the time we went, we were the only Filipino tourists on the island! But the upside was making new friends of different nationalities, most of whom were divers and backpackers.

Favorite beach activity #1: Reading.

Favorite beach activity #2: Walking along the shore.

Aside from the sharks, the island is also surrounded by shipwrecks. We got to see one in the not so deep area (beginners diving spot)

Seeing the shipwreck was a surreal experience!

Malcapuya Island

This is an island off the northern coast of Palawan. I don't know now but during my visit there years ago, it was so hard to reach the island because it was in the middle of nowhere!

I was already on the biggest boat that could be rented and yet the waves were tossing us back and forth. At times, I feared that we'd capsized but all of those fears were gone almost immediately when I saw how gorgeous the place was.

I spent all my time swimming in the blue green water, exploring the island, playing frisbee and just plain lying in the sand.

Banana Island

This is an island also off the northern coast of Palawan. Blue crystal clear waters and white sand. Enough said.


This place is so unique. The beach is surrounded by mountains and pine trees! And because of the ash fall from previous eruptions of Mount Pinatubo, the sand sometimes looks like snow from afar.

It was just a bit cloudy when we went that's why the sand appears to be darker than it really was.

Capones Island

Capones Island is an island off the coast of Zambales near Anawangin. We spent most of our time here "body surfing" because the waves were a bit strong that day.

Thrown to the shore by the big waves.

We call this our postcard photo ;)

Panglao Island

Since one of my closest friends in school is from Bohol, this is one of my most frequented beaches. I'd love to visit this with T again soon :)

At Bohol Beach Club.

Snorkeling in Balicasag Island.

My favorite island in Bohol is Virgin Island, a small uninhabited island with nothing really on it except a few trees and plants. I know it's called something else in local dialect but I forgot what it was.



This place became famous because it became the home of Survivor France. But when we went here a few years before that, there were no resorts nor amenities yet. It was just nature and us.

The most memorable thing about our Caramoan trip was our spontaneity. We had no idea how to get there and where to stay. So we ended up riding in a boat that transported both people and goods such as fish and vegetables and staying in a place that couldn't really be called an inn. But it was fun. Stuff adventures were made of :)

Puerto Galera

The beach here isn't really nice. It's more of a last resort thing for city people who want to go to a beach not too far away but far enough that it isn't reachable by land travel.

They cook the best kebabs here!

The island is also known for its nightlife. Although not as extravagant as Boracay, it's fun if you're with a group of friends who knows how to have a good time. Be sure to drink a pitcher of Mindoro Sling when you go to Puerto Galera ;)

Me after a glass (or two) of their famous drink, the Mindoro Sling.


T and I went here, together with my family, a few years ago. They actually had no idea that we were going here. I just made a surprise itinerary :)

This place was featured just recently in local news because it's a hidden gem not so far from Manila. I'm glad we got to see it before it becomes too popular (euphemism for dirty and crowded).

Aside from the beach, Bolinao is also known for its lighthouse, being at the edge of the Philippines already.

Puerto Princesa

I won't post too much pictures for Puerto Prinsesa since I published an entry about it already. Read it HERE.


One of the famous tourist spots of the Philippines because of the 124 little and not-so-little islands that are scattered across the ocean.

Can you see some of the islands behind us?

On the island where the Big Brother House was constructed.

In Marcos Island, there was this bat cave where crazy tourists get the opportunity to jump off a cliff. Watch the crazy tourists below (also starring T and yours truly ;))

Matabungkay Beach

We're lucky that there's a beach only 1-2 hours drive from Manila for those spontaneous or sudden "I-want-to-go-to-the-beach" moments.

Our friend's beach house.

T's jump shot.

Another one of my favorite shots by T's friend.

I sincerely believe that, aside from being an Egyptian, I was a fish or a mermaid in a past life. I love the ocean. I cannot live without soaking in the sun and playing on the sandy shores of beaches. I feel the happiest when I'm near the water. I am most relaxed when I hear the sound of waves crashing to the shore. So allow me to end this post with a phrase that I always say (I claim copyright on this!):

"Take me to the beach and I will ♥ you forever..." :)


  1. So refreshing to bump into another Filipino blogger. Those beaches look beautiful. Looks like you had fun!

    <3 Paulyn

  2. Wow, Joei! You sure have traveled a lot around there! So impressed. Everything looks so divine too! I've been missing the beach lately, and now I lonf gor it even more. Although I have traveled to beach destination twice since March (lol) the weather wasn't beach friendly at all... So I feel cheated on lol

  3. I am gushing with envy! Such lovely pictures and you look amazing in all of them. Can't wait for our vacation. Somewhere warm with a beach and lots of margaritas. Thanks for sharing. Now I can go daydream...

  4. Beachtime!..I'm so happy summer is near, one of my favorite places to be..Beautiful photos! (following now, i hope you can follow back also if you like my page!..
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  5. PAU. Always a pleasure to meet fellow Filipino bloggers :) thanks for visiting!

    JULIA. You should go to the Philippines or Indonesia for your beach fix. We're not that far from Russia, right? ;)

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  7. you make me wanna pack my bags and head to batangas! :)

  8. Oh, I am longing for a beach holiday now, Joei! I adore your beach outfits and you have such an enviable beach body (jealous! :P) That stripey swimsuit: I want!


  9. FASHIONEGGPLANT. The weather's just being weird today :( thanks for visiting my blog!

    LEIA. Thanks! The striped bikini (Boracay?) is from French Connection :)

  10. I am so jealous - it's all revision here! The beach looks great.

  11. beautiful places and beaches...thanks for bringing us there thru your informative post! great post as always! you're so lucky and blessed to be in those places, many wish and dream to see, i'm one of those! btw, i think that cliff in the marcos island that you mentioned, i actually did jumped there (so, i'm one of those crazy tourist, lolz) but i was with our police escorts (who also jumped), so i feel bit ok plus a life vest was on...and its scary because going out of the cave was an open sea but thanks God i made it! :D thanks for your mother's day greetings! have a great week!

  12. MJ. Its raining really hard now bec of a tropical storm :( I look at this post for my sunshine fix!

    CHEERFUL. Its scary right? But an experience! Glad I jumped! ;)

  13. First off, thanks for visiting my blog, Joei!! and oh, I only used E5 for those photos. :) goodenough, yea? ;)

    WOOOWW! This post made me want to hit the beach soon! Hoping weather to agree. hee. But I heard in some parts it's not raining naman. :)

  14. Gah! I haven't been to the beach in ages - this has completely inspired me to change that...STAT! :)

  15. I love beaches. There definitely aren't enough of them in England. all these are absolutely beautiful!

  16. It's official. You live in the most beautiful area on Earth! I am stunned and overwhelmed by the beauty of these beaches. They are magnificent! I really wish I could visit at least one of these beautiful beaches one day in the future...

  17. Wow, they all look so so amazing! I'm not a beach person really but that makes me wanna go on holiday right now!

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  18. Wow you traveled alot!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  19. Wow, Boracay looks beautiful. I hear many many stories about it and next time I visit Lola I'll be sure to visit.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  20. Oh my, you sure have been to a great many beaches! Now I'm wishing I had booked my honeymoon trip to Boracay instead of Bali:P


  21. Wow - the dress in the first shot is incredible.

    Just discovered your blog and will be following from now on - would be great if you stopped by mine sometime (and followed me too!).

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  22. NINA. Wow! Can't believe the photos were taken just by a camera phone only :)

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  23. JENNIFER. Thank you :) At least I contributed a bit to my country's tourism ;)

    DAISY MAY. You should visit Boracay :)

    HARIJA. I want to travel as much as I can. Food and travel -- 2 of my faves!

  24. I'm headed for the beach on Friday. Thanks for getting me even more pumped about it!

  25. CINDERELLA. Make sure you do! :)

    SHER. Maybe for your 2nd honeymoon? ;)

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  26. I miss going to the beaches in the Philippines!! Nice pics!!!


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