You know how we receive 'generic' gifts during special days like Christmas and our birthdays?  Most of us dislike it but I won't mind receiving the following so-called generic gifts for my birthday (which was yesterday, by the way :))

1. Bath products

I love baths!  So I don't mind receiving bath products, provided that the scents are to my liking.  No dizzy floral scents please.  I'm really loving verbena-like scents ever since Shangri-La Boracay introduced us to L'Occitane products.  
Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub in Vanilla Verbena.

2. Chocolates

Who wouldn't like receiving chocolates?  I have a sweet tooth so I'd appreciate it any day of the week!  I eat all kinds of chocolate except those with mint.  I feel like I'm brushing my teeth while eating chocolates.  Weird.

See's chocolate boxes are the best!!

3. iTunes Card

Any denomination would do! $5, $10, $15.. I really would appreciate any amount because I'm addicted to Apple apps!  Seriously.  Any takers? :)

Apple iTunes cards.

4. Make-up

I say make-up not because I'm a make-up junkie but because I'm the opposite!  If no one gives me make-up, I really won't buy any for myself.  So, I love receiving them as gifts, especially the really complicated palettes.

Sephora palettes.

These are only my top 4 generic gifts I don't mind receiving.  Others would be room fragrances/diffusers/candles (again no dizzy scents please) and cute pouches (because I like my stuff organized inside my bag).  

How about you?  Do you mind receiving what they call 'generic' gifts? 

Image Credits:
Scrub - Bath and Body Works
Chocolates - Sees
iTunes -
Make-up Palette -


  1. I think I'm with you on this one!! As long as they are products from brands I like or curious about, or perfumed with my favorite scents, I'd be happy to receive them. However, I must admit that if they're not and especially if they're the opposite of what I like, I can get a bit frustrated as I would most probably have to give them to someone else... Or they'll be "collecting dust" on my shelves until they expire. Which never makes me feel good. So I guess I appreciate it when people take some time to find out what's that that I like. At least I always do my best to choose something that is to a person's taste, so it's only fair I expect it from them too.

  2. The thing I love about being a girl is that there are a lot of wonderful "generic" gifts for us! Honestly, it's harder to choose gifts for men!

  3. Give me bath goodies and chocolates any day!

  4. very nice wish list joei. :-)

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