Do It Yourself.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just found it interesting that through certain technological breakthroughs, a lot of our beauty routines that used to be lodged in dermatologists, dentists, spas and salons are now available in do-it-yourself (DIY) kits at home.


I first heard of Keratin treatment years back while I was having a haircut. I really didn't need it since my hair's naturally straight but it was a hit back then despite it's gigantic price tag.

Now, Keratin Perfect is giving that opportunity to people who can't afford that procedure in salons by making a DIY kit to use at home ($235).


I know it's not the same for other countries but here in the Philippines, facial and body hair are a no-no. That's why when laser hair removal was introduced here, people (even men!) It became an instant hit despite again of the hefty price tag!

Silk'n offers DIY laser hair removal to be done at the comforts of your home. $499 may seem expensive for some but laser hair removal sessions are really expensive and they have to be done constantly and sometimes for life to keep the hair away.

Since I am in a tropical country, we spend a lot of our time in swimming pools and beaches.   Two words: Bikini Wax.

Bliss came up with a product called Poetic Waxing that are no-heat-necessary hypoallergenic wax strips ($36) to save you trips to the salons.


 Diamond peels are really also a big hit here in the Philippines. People have it done despite it's expensive-o price.

NuBrilliance is now giving a cheaper alternative to frequent visits to your dermatologist with a DIY microdermabrasion system ($250).  It's still kind of expensive but it beats paying $250 per visit to your dermatologist.


This isn't such a big deal in the Philippines as the first three ones I mentioned but personally, I think people should pay more attention to their teeth.

Brushing is never enough especially to people who drink lots of coffee or smokes or does both. You really need whitening treatments, which again, will bear a big hole in your pocket.

Glo makes it possible now to have whiter teeth without having to go to the dentists to get those expensive whitening treatments with an intricate DIY whitening system to use at home ($275).

Honestly, I'm not usually a fan of DIYs. Despite trying to convert my manicure-pedicure appointments into a DIY session at home, I still go back to my favorite nail technician to do my nails. However, these DIY kits are making me all curious. Id love to try them and write a review but are they worth the price tag?  

Trip to salons or DIY home remedies, what's your pick?

All items are available in Sephora's Official Website.

Image credit: Sephora


  1. Humm, I'm not sure there is a country where facial hair on a woman would be considered a good thing?

    Anyways, as for me, right now I try to do as much at home as I can, if only for the money reasons. My city is one of the most expensive cities in the world after all. So, if I'm capable of doing something well on my own, I would, but if I'm far from being an expert in something I'd go to professionals. For example, I've never colored my hair by myself and really don't feel like even trying lol

  2. JULIA. Correct me if Im wrong but in some European countries, women arent really particular about body hair? :/

  3. I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to give myself a bikini wax - it sounds too painful. I far prefer going to the salon for that! :P

  4. Neat post and thanks for the lovely comment!

    And I am already following you - hope you follow back =)

  5. Haha, all I can say is, I'm sure I can do all those things by myself but nothing beats being pampered by someone else! :-P Also, I want to have someone else to blame if ever anything goes wrong, lol. :-P


    HARIJA. Sure! Will follow you back now :)

  7. Interesting post ! I am from Italy and we're obsessed about removing our hair as well, LOL !
    I like your blog a lot, let me know if you are interested in following each other's blogs ! Take care :-)

  8. Hey... I am following you back and I also you blog is part of my "follow" list on my dashboard =)

  9. Lasers are best opt for body. Thts rht?

    I love its precision.

  10. VALE. Sure! Will visit your blog in a bit :)


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