You know how we receive 'generic' gifts during special days like Christmas and our birthdays?  Most of us dislike it but I won't mind receiving the following so-called generic gifts for my birthday (which was yesterday, by the way :))

1. Bath products

I love baths!  So I don't mind receiving bath products, provided that the scents are to my liking.  No dizzy floral scents please.  I'm really loving verbena-like scents ever since Shangri-La Boracay introduced us to L'Occitane products.  
Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sugar Scrub in Vanilla Verbena.

2. Chocolates

Who wouldn't like receiving chocolates?  I have a sweet tooth so I'd appreciate it any day of the week!  I eat all kinds of chocolate except those with mint.  I feel like I'm brushing my teeth while eating chocolates.  Weird.

See's chocolate boxes are the best!!

3. iTunes Card

Any denomination would do! $5, $10, $15.. I really would appreciate any amount because I'm addicted to Apple apps!  Seriously.  Any takers? :)

Apple iTunes cards.

4. Make-up

I say make-up not because I'm a make-up junkie but because I'm the opposite!  If no one gives me make-up, I really won't buy any for myself.  So, I love receiving them as gifts, especially the really complicated palettes.

Sephora palettes.

These are only my top 4 generic gifts I don't mind receiving.  Others would be room fragrances/diffusers/candles (again no dizzy scents please) and cute pouches (because I like my stuff organized inside my bag).  

How about you?  Do you mind receiving what they call 'generic' gifts? 

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Scrub - Bath and Body Works
Chocolates - Sees
iTunes -
Make-up Palette -

It's Officially Summer!

For the first time in months, I don't mind the scorching heat.  Why?  Because I'm going on a beach trip with T and my friends this weekend! (Read about it here (part 1) and here (part 2) and here (part 3))

This is where we're going, so excited!

Finally, a break!  Now, it's officially summer.  If you read my previous post on my favorite beaches in the Philippines, you'd know how much I love the sun and the sand.  So, while doing a countdown, I'm psyching myself even more by browsing through Bluefly (a website where you can get designer stuff for less) for bikinis.

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine
Blowing through the jasmine in my mind

The first one I like is this Brette Sandler gypsy violet pebble print 'Alexa' bikini.   I'm just not too sure about the top's support capabilities but I chose it because of the mosaic-like print and the ring detail on the bandeau.  With this, you'll definitely stand out among the midst of solid colored swimwear.

The next one that I liked is another Brette Sandler creation called the 'Kelly'.  I picked it because of the bright pink color but I'm not too keen on the crochet detail found at the center of the bandeau.  It'll probably be my top pick if the designer added like a gold ring or something instead of that mesh-like thing in the middle. 

I'm not really a fan of orange but I like how this Anika Brazil bikini looks.  Well, it's not really orange-orange, more of coral actually.  And if you look closely, there are light green glass beads on the bikini top and bottom.  Great detail but that probably makes the bikini more fit for lounging than swimming ;)

Another Anika Brazil bikini caught my eye while browsing the site.  I actually have a similar one which I bought from Rustan's Department Store a while back but mine didn't have a pearlescent shell and straw beading on the bikini bottom.   I also like how they twisted the bandeau so it stands out from all the others.

Now that I'm done browsing the bikinis, I'm moving on to the cover-ups.. and then hats... and then bags...  AYAYAYAY.  So much shopping to do! Too bad there's no time to have these bikinis shipped since we're leaving in a few days.  Maybe I'll just take a look at their designer handbags and evening dresses for my night outs.  

I'm so excited for this weekend!!!  How about you?  When and where is your next summer trip?

Image credits:
Beach - Facebook
Bikinis - Bluefly

Natalia and The Tea Collection.

Since weekend is over and everyone's probably dreading waking up early tomorrow to go to work, I'll start your Monday with a feel-good post...

Everybody say hi to Natalia :)

Natalia is T's niece (for new readers, T is le boyfriend). I swear, this kid developed her fashion sense at such a young age! I think she got it from her Mom :)

Anything cute or dainty, reminds me of Natalia. Like this site that I chanced upon called The Tea Collection. They have the nicest summer dresses for kids! My favorites are the nautical inspired ones.

The Maritime Striped Dress

The Marina Drop Waist Dress

Another favorite of mine is this simple white ruffled dress because it reminds me of a onesie from Topshop I wanted before.

Modernisme Ruffled Dress

The Tea Collection also has dresses for women. Too bad their international shops are only located in Saudi Arabia, Australia and Jamaica. It would've been the perfect place to buy clothes for my upcoming beachtrip! Well, I guess I'd have to wait till I visit my family in the US again so I can look through their clothes in Bloomingdales, Saks or Nordstrom.

For moms who have daughters or ladies who have younger sisters, what other stores can you suggest that carry chic girls clothing?

Happy Monday everyone!

Photo credits:
Natalia - Natalia's mom
Dresses - The Tea Collection

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Do It Yourself.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just found it interesting that through certain technological breakthroughs, a lot of our beauty routines that used to be lodged in dermatologists, dentists, spas and salons are now available in do-it-yourself (DIY) kits at home.


Happy Mothers Day!

I don't usually do cheesy frames and photos but I think my Mum deserves a post ♥ 

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.  -Washington Irving

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers out there!  Better late than never... Right? ;)

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Take Me To The Beach ♥.

Inspired by the scorching heat outside, I decided to dedicate a post to my fairy dust, my happy place --- THE BEACH!  Warning: photo overload of the sun, the sand and the beach may cause you to book a trip almost instantaneously.

Let me share with you the beautiful beaches in the Philippines...


Nothing will replace Boracay. NOTHING. Despite the commercialization of what used to be an uninhabited island paradise, this is still my favorite island of them all.

At Shangrila Boracay's private beach.

Starbucks Happy Hour.

The hottest afternoon in the Philippines reached 39.2 C (thats roughly 102.5 F) yesterday. HOT!!! Thank goodness for this new marketing scheme of Starbucks. Getting it's concept from bars and restaurants who sell beer and other alcoholic drinks at a discounted price during a specific period of time, Starbucks slashes 50% off the prices of their frappuccinos from 12 to 2 in the afternoon.

The Mighty Wallet.

You know how we like quirky, amusing things that probably have no use to us but we buy them anyway? Well, I got T one today called the Mighty Wallet.

The Mighty Wallet is made of Tyvek. The material is so strong and very difficult to tear. It's also water resistant.

Below is a video of a guy who tested how strong The Mighty Wallet was.

The Mighty Wallet has 2 compartments for credit cards and business cards inside. It's so thin that it measures only 1/8 of an inch!

But don't let the thinness fool you. It adapts to whatever you insert inside it. One guy successfully stuffed 40 dollar bills, 16 credit cards and 40 business cards into The Mighty Wallet.

But I don't suggest filling up your Mighty Wallet because it actually floats on water if filled only with some cash and a couple of IDs. Although I don't see how that could be useful except maybe if you were thrown into a pool during a party ;)

There are other designs to choose from, the most famous being the Air Mail envelope.

I also like the color bar, the "stop shopping" and the composition notebook designs.

The makers of the Mighty Wallet claims that it will last for more than 1 year. Let's see about that. I'll post a review after T uses it for a bit.

Our new currency meets the Mighty Wallet.

The Mighty Wallet is available through their official website for $15. For those in the Philippines, I bought T's wallet at Quirks Powerplant Mall in Rockwell Makati.

Happy weekend everyone! :)

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