Para'kito: The Review.

*This is the first post I'm publishing completely from my iPad 2 (from the photos to the watermarks to the text) :)

Last year, I wrote about a product I purchased because of dengue fever (a virus which is transmitted through mosquito bites) and simply because of my utter annoyance of mosquito bites.

Say hello to Para'kito again :)

This is my first Para'kito bracelet. As you can see, it's tattered and torn as it has been my constant companion everywhere I went. From the beach to the mountains.. I swam in the ocean wearing it, I went zip lining with it.. From Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao, I never go to any of my trips without my Para'kito bracelet.

I know it may seem a bit exaggerated but if you've been mosquito food all your life, this bracelet is a gift! Because of Para'kito, I said goodbye to applying mosquito repellant lotion everyday. And it's pretty easy to use. Just insert the pellet that comes with your bracelet (it comes with 2 pellets) and voila! Bye bye itchy bites!

The only problem I had with Para'kito was that the bracelets came only in bright colors. This was fine in the summer season but during ordinary work days, the bracelet attracted too much attention.

Which was why I'm so thankful that the bracelets come in new colors: black and white!

I got my new bracelets last month but I wanted to see the extent of the pellet's effectivity so I waited before I wrote this review. Although the manual says you have to change your pellet every 15 days, it's been more than a month already and the pellets I originally placed inside my new bracelets still work!

For more information on Para'kito, read my previous entry on Para'kito or visit the the official Para'kito website.

And for those in the Philippines, I see Para'kito being sold in Nothing But Water and Planet Sports branches and the Mizuno outlet in Sta Rosa :)

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  1. Wee! I've been waiting for an update from you for ages! Hehe.

    Ooh...I think I want one! Mosquitoes love me too haha!

    How much is it?

  2. This sounds like such a useful thing!! Thankfully, I'm not really bothered by mosquitos here where I live, but we can get occasional visitors durign summer and it can be quite annoying at night, so it looks like a bracelet might be a good solution!

  3. Koryn. I think it's around P750. It's super useful to me since I get bitten by mosquitoes a lot! :/

    I recommended to my friends who get bitten often also and they say it's super worth it!

    Julia. The cons of living in the tropics. We do have splendid beaches but we got mosquitoes as well LOL

    About the iPad2, thanks! I'll try to post a review soon :)

  4. Ako OFF! lotion and spray forever, hahaha! But I think I should try out this one for a change.

  5. Ben. Me too! I'm super Off lotion forever even if they say it's harmful to your skin because of the chemicals. And this is waterproof from what I know. Perfect for the beach! :)

  6. I have to try this! Mosquitoes love me too and since I have fair skin mosquito bites look like connect-the-dots drawings on my skin! Are the pellets available in the stores you mentioned, as well? :-)

  7. Clare. it's my security bracelet :))

    Manila Girl. Yes! I've seen refills being sold there also but 1 pellet lasts for a long time (definitely more than the 15 day recommendation) so you won't have to buy often :)


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