Johnny Chow.

It was Maundy Thursday and in deference to the Catholic faith, every mall in the Metro was closed.. Well, except for Newport Mall. Starving, T and I headed there to grab some food.

Johnny Chow reminded us of Sumosam (one of our favorite Japanese restos), John and Yoko and Mr. Kurasawa from the interior to the menu to the food. Upon asking the servers, who all donned outrageous neon colored wigs, it appears that all of those restaurants were under one management team.

My favorite decor were the chairs with different Asian faces on them. Pardon me if I don't recognize anyone. I'm not really well-versed in Asian celebrities. I wouldn't even know the guy from Meteor Garden if I bumped into him.

Enough of the interior. Let's get down to business. FOOD! I guess they didn't call it Johnny Chow Amazing Asian Cuisine for nothing. The menu was so thick with tons of dishes to choose from.

Their free appetizer was peanuts. They just gave me and T this really little bowl. I wonder why they didn't give us one each especially since the orders took a while to arrive.

For our salad, I ordered the Famous Hot Prawns with Candied Walnut (P375). The presentation was nice but there were only a few pieces of "prawns" (more like shrimps) and too much pineapple. It was ok. But I wouldn't be craving for it.

For our appetizer, I chose Yin and Yang (P295) which was chicken with Kung Pao sauce. This dish I like :)

T ordered another appetizer called the Karma Chameleon (P295) which was fried dumplings made of duck, foie-gras and shiitake mushrooms. T said it was just ok and it kind of tasted just like the Yin and Yang.

For our main course, I ordered the Maggie Woo (P325) which was Lechon Macau with pineapple fritters. Omg. That dish was divine! It doesn't look like it's crunchy but it is! From the fat to the meat to the skin. All crunchy! I didn't get to eat much of the pineapple fritters though because of pineapple overload from the Famous Hot Prawn Salad.

T ordered another main course called the Shaolin Temple (P325) which was cream dory cooked in sun-dried tomatoes.

Of course, our meal wouldn't be complete without an order of Bagoong Rice (P235). All of the dishes were generous, good enough for 2-3 persons, except this. 2 ladies could probably share but not 2 men or 2 people with large appetites like me and T ;)

To wash all of these down, we had iced teas. The green iced tea was lychee while the red iced tea was raspberry.

Obviously, we had no more room for dessert. We just hurried to catch the last full show of Rio, which was a really cute movie, by the way.

There were some dishes that we didn't like and the servers were a bit inattentive but T and I will probably go back to Johnny Chow and give it another try because of their generous servings and the Lechon Macau ;)

Johnny Chow

Dining Date: 21 April 2011

2nd Floor
Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila
Pasay City

(632) 659-8353

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  1. Goodness, this looks like SUCH a funky place! I would totally love to visit, even if just to experience all the colorfulness :)

  2. i should say... that chair is awesome :)

    Empire State of Heart

  3. JULIA. When you visit us, leave me a message. We'll bring you here ;)

    BETZ. I know. And each chair carries a different face :)

  4. The place looks so cute! Too bad RW is way too far from our place.
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. ps - I have followed you thru GFC, too.


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