iPad 2.

Since the iPad 2 will be launched officially in the Philippines tomorrow, I thought I'd publish this long overdue post. However, this isn't a review since there are a lot of those scattered all over the net already. What I'm going to share with you guys is the 10 ways I use my iPad 2. Why? Because I think this would be more helpful to those still debating whether or not to purchase an iPad 2. If any of the following appeals to you then maybe you should get one ;)

1. My Own Magazine Stand

This was what initially sparked my interest, the ability to buy and download all sorts of magazines on the iPad. I'm a self-confessed fashion mag addict. InStyle, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire.. Name it. I have no problem when I'm in the US but when I'm in the Philippines, they charge triple! What should only cost $2.99 becomes $12.99. Then imagine multiplying that by 12 for a year's supply! And that's only for one magazine. Highway robbery at its finest.

Now, thanks to my iPad, I have annual subscriptions to different magazines for as low as $10/year. Super right?! Plus now, I wouldn't have to worry about back issues consuming closet space.

2. My Blogging Buddy

With my extra busy schedule nowadays, I rarely get the chance to blog because uploading photos from my camera, watermarking and editing consume so much time and energy that I often choose not to blog instead.

Now, with the iPad 2 having a camera (the 1st gen didn't have one), I can blog right away, even in real time like when T and I are dining in restaurants and I want to write a review about their food.

3. My Language Tutor

I've always had this fascination with languages. It started with Japanese when I was younger, then I went to French school a couple of years ago and now, I'm trying to learn Spanish.

Because of my iPad, I get to study Spanish whenever I have the time. Plus, no more lugging heavy language books around!

And after just a few days... El gato grande esta comiendo manzana y el perro pequeño esta bebiendo jugo de naranja. See, I can compose long, silly sentences already!

4. My Sketch Pad

Not many know this but I like to draw, sketch and paint. I'm no Picasso but I need some artistic outlet from time to time. With my iPad 2, I get to draw and paint (or should I say color?) whenever I feel the urge to do so, while saving the trees by consuming less paper.

Still unfinished: T's Onitsuka.

However, I found it a bit difficult to draw and paint using my fingers (like how I drew and colored above) so I bought an iStroke stylus.

5. My Social Bridge

Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YM are more accessible now.

Reading emails is also much easier because of the bigger screen.

FaceTime, an Apple invention which leads us closer to a 'Minority Report'-ish kind of world through video calling between iPhone 4, iPad 2 and the latest iTouch, allows me to keep in touch with friends and family. Seeing their faces while talking is soooo much different than just plain chatting, I swear.

6. My Cooking Partner

Actually, this is still in the works. I already have the cookbooks loaded on my iPad 2 and the recipes all marked. I just need to go through the actual cooking. Haha.

7. My Piano Teacher

Well, not so much as a teacher since I already know how to play the piano but maybe more as a repository of music pieces. It's so hard to buy piano pieces today since playing the piano now isn't as popular as it was back then.

I also have a virtual piano installed on my iPad 2 but I'd still rather play on the real thing.

With my iPad 2, I just download piano pieces and use it when I want to play the piano. Once again, consume less paper, save the trees.

8. My Personal Assistant

I actually have my Moleskine and my iPhone for reminders, dates, to dos, checklists and so on but for me, you can never have too many gadgets or planners for organization (OCD alert!). For example, whenever I see things I like or want to remember for later, I take photos of it and save it to either my Evernote or Springpad app.

T found this "office" interesting.

To some this may sound funny but I found some logic to using my iPad this way (even if I don't often do so because it's silly and time consuming). There's an app that allows you to keep track of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, to mix and match them and to save your outfits for next time. I told you.. Silly... Time consuming.. But nevertheless, amusing ;)

Starting to catalog my shoes.

Of course, I also use my iPad 2 to take down notes and to edit Word documents. I also have my iPad 2 synced with my iPhone, my Berry, my laptop and my desktop computer for ease and accessibility.

9. My Portable TV and DVD Player

Aside from food and magazines, TV shows and movies are another addiction of mine. I use my iPad 2 to keep myself updated with the latest movies.

I also use it to store episodes of my favorite TV shows in case I have time to catch up on them.

10. Games

Of course, my favorite part, the games! I graduated from Facebook to iPhone games. From the beginning, I was hooked! So imagine how enjoyable it is for me now to play those iPhone games on an even bigger screen!

I love the Smurfs!

A new favorite of mine.

Also a new favorite.

Angry Birds Rio!

Of course, I have more uses of my iPad 2 but these are the 10 (fun) things that are on the top of my list.

Just a few words before I end this post.. The iPad is not a substitute for a laptop. So, if you are in need of a laptop, do not buy an iPad. Buy a laptop. And stop comparing the two. The iPad is a tablet. It's like comparing a car to a boat. Both are used for transportation but obviously in different ways. So shush. Hearing people exclaim that an iPad is a poor substitute for a laptop has already become a pet peeve of mine.

Another thing, the Kindle is still way better than the iPad in terms of functionality as an e-book reader. I never used my iPad 2 to read books, I always used my Kindle. So if you're just going to buy an iPad to read e-books, you're better off buying a Kindle, which by the way released a cheaper version this week.

So, that's it. After almost 2 months, I finally got to write about the new addition to my gadget family. To those in the Philippines falling in line and braving the mob tomorrow, just think happy thoughts a.k.a. your brand new iPad 2. But if you can still wait for 2 more weeks, just order your iPad 2 through the Apple (Philippines) website. No lines, no crowds, no hassle.

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  1. I'm already following you dear!
    Hope you do the same!
    xo DC

  2. I agree on finding it hard to buy piano pieces. I used to play the piano but it's been ages since I did and now that I want to, the only place I can find pieces is online. Where do you get yours?

  3. POISON. Sure! :)

    DIANA. Following you now :)

  4. Ohmigosh I must buy this - immediately!

    BTW...I am now following you!! :)

  5. Oh, lovely!

    I was thinking of getting an iphone, not sure if i should wait for the 5th edition though:P


  6. ERIKA. Its really useful for blogging :) and I'm following you too :)

    SHER. There's a white iPhone 4 now in the US. iPhone 5 is rumored to arrive around September :)

  7. Well, I definately do want one too, and even though I didn't have any doubts, you just now further convinced me lol

  8. have an ipad 1 and i love it. no plans of updating to ipad2 coz i got an iphone4 last month :D ipad is so worth it... :D

    what are you using for the movies?? :D

  9. i probably cant get an ipad:)
    also, daughter is torn between kindle and nook color. we've been leafing pages bout it. what can u suggest.

    im always a follower of urs.

    my main blog:

  10. JULIA. It'll help you a lot with blogging! :)

    PINKCOOKIES. I have a converter although there's a new app that plays even files in plain .avi format. So much easier! :)

  11. IMRIZ. Following you also :). About the Kindle vs Nook, I studied both also before buying. The only pros of Nook is that its colored and that it has this library where you can lend books that you purchased to others for a few days. BUT... I don't see the colored thing being a pro because I want an e-book reader so I really don't see any use in it and it just strains the eyes after long usage. And Amazon is coming up with the lending program as well so the second "pro" wouldn't matter anymore. Personally, I'd go with the Kindle :)

  12. surely a nice to have gadget..

    thanks for visiting my blog.
    caloy is not my husband, i'm still single. he's an old friend from high school..


  13. CALOY. oh! I always thought you guys were together :)

  14. I've never really liked the iPad but after reading this, parang I want to buy one. Hahaha Wala nga lang shang Flash...dba?


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