Twist Tie from True Value.

It's been a while since I wrote about anything other than food, travel or fashion, so though I'm no Martha Stewart, let me share a simple home remedy I discovered today :)  

With technology at its peak, a person probably owns at least 3-5 gadgets... a Blackberry, an iPhone, an iPod, an  iTouch, an iPad, a laptop, a digicam, a Flip, a Kindle, take your pick.  If you're one of those gadget kings and queens, don't you just hate it when you have all these chargers tangled up?

Such a mess!

I know some chargers come with this velcro thing that holds the wires together (like Nokia chargers) but most of the time, chargers don't have that (like Macs and BBs).  Since I keep all my chargers in one box, I usually just get the string that seals bags of bread to tie my chargers together.  Problem is, the string is only good for a couple of uses.  Finally, while looking for something in True Value, I found a solution to my dilemma.


I chose green so I can easily see it amongst the sea of white and black wires!

A twist tie is a metal wire that is encased in a thin strip of paper or plastic and is used to tie the openings of bags, such as garbage bags or bread bags. A twist tie is used by wrapping it around the item to be fastened, then twisting the ends together (thus the name). They are often included with boxes of plastic food bags or trash bags, and are commonly available individually in pre-cut lengths, on large spools, or in perforated sheets called gangs.

Aside from the fact that Twist Tie keeps my chargers from being knotted, I love it because it's so handy! The guy who invented it thought of everything already and integrated a cutter with the wheel.. No more wasted time looking for scissors whenever organizing stuff!  What's more, I bought it for less than $1! It's been a while since I bought something so useful at that price.  Love it, love it, love it.

No more stress from tangled chargers!

How about you dear reader?  What's your favorite simple home remedy? :)


  1. Hummmm, somehow I don't even have that many chargers so throwing them all together in one place never ended up in a mess, so I can't say I've really had such a problem, but if you have a lot of those, the tie thingy is sure to help!

  2. Julia. Really? Lucky you! I just find it so difficult to untangle them each and every time!

  3. This post reminded me of this tip from the Martha Stewart website:

  4. Ooh, I really need to try this out - I'm always having issues with wayward wires! :)

  5. I use a twist tie too! But my sister bought a set of velcro straps which you can permanently attach to the chord of your charger so you don't lose it when you untangle the thing. I want them too! Coz I know how you feel about tangled chargers :p

  6. Oh I definitely have "those tangled up wires" problem! I honestly need a couple of these twist ties:)


  7. surely you need a big roll of twist tie after seeing those chargers hehehe... i used to collect twist ties from our new deliveries of computers in the office...

  8. Isn't this the wire included in the cords when we buy desktop computers?

  9. Erika and Sher. I hope you both got to buy twist ties :)

    Koryn. Velcro! I think I need that for chargers that I use often. Where did she buy those?

  10. Caloy. I used to do that with bread/bagel bags. Haha!

    Captain Runner. Ya, I think they're similar if not the same :)

  11. Lol my husband needs something like this! My mother uses zip lock bags

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  12. Daisy May. LOL you should give your mom something like this so she wouldn't have to store so many ziplocks! ;)


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