The Old Vine.

Coming from Bukidnon (a quiet province in the southern part of the Philippines), T* picked me up from the Manila airport and brought me to Venice Piazza.

Me in Bukidnon, too bad the plant covered the beautiful view.

Although we frequent Bonifacio Global City, it was both our first visit to the Piazza.  We were actually looking for the gondolas they usually advertise together with the place but unfortunately, the 'Venice canals' were still just plans and the only establishment in the area were the restaurants.  We went around the whole strip and settled for The Old Vine. 

The dining area.

We started off dinner with French Onion Soup (P150) and Tessie Tomas Salad (P295) which were both good!  I asked why they named the salad after the actress.  Our server explained that the owner used to be with Le Souffle and Tessie Tomas was their regular customer. 

French Onion Soup.

Bread and butter that comes with the soup.

The Tessie Tomas Salad is a combination of roasted prawns, marinated salmon and grilled shiitake mushrooms with mesclun salad in creamy balsamic dressing.  

Tessie Tomas Salad.

Another favorite of mine is their Bottomless Iced Tea (P80).  Usually, restaurants just serve the normal Nestea Iced Tea at that price.  But not in this restaurant!  Their iced tea tastes like home brew iced tea. 

One of the best iced teas I've ever tasted!

Tuna lover that he is, T also ordered an order of Seared Tuna Tataki (P220) seared in olive oil and garlic ponzu sauce. 

Seared Tuna Tataki.

For the main course, T ordered the Lamb Shank "Pinot Noir" (P420) marinated in red wine, grilled and braised and served with mashed potato, roasted shallots and garlic.  Sorry, I can't tell you what it tastes like because I don't eat lamb but T said it was good!  For what it's worth, it does look good.

Lamb Shank "Pinot Noir"

On my end, I got the Penne  Carbonara (P230) they describe as "Old Fashioned Style".  And I understand why!  It's the ultimate comfort food.

Penne Carbonara.

For dessert, we were curious about this cake they call Surprise (P130).   It's actually a combination of creme brulee (top part), cheesecake (middle) and chocolate (bottom part).  Really good.

This dessert is really called 'Surprise!'

Another dessert that caught our eyes was the Chocolate Gooey Fudge (P150).  Really rich.  A must for chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Gooey Fudge.

Adjacent to The Old Vine is another restaurant named Kuse which specializes in Filipino dishes. The restaurants are connected because they're managed by the same owners. 

Common bathroom between the 2 restaurants.

I believe they also allow cross-ordering because T and I sat at the Kuse area but ordered from The Old Vine's menu.

Kuse dining area.

All in all, T and I were very satisfied with the food from The Old Vine.  What we didn't like was the band outside.  It was distracting!  The loud music would interrupt our conversation whenever the restaurant door opened.  The Old Vine would be better off if it were in Serendra or Bonifacio High Street because it's the perfect place for a 'quiet dinner'.

For every P1,000 purchase, you have the chance to pick from this tree. I won a CD!

The Old Vine
Dining Date: 3 February 2011

Ground Level
The Venice Piazza
McKinley Hill
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(632) 836-4969

*the boyfriend


  1. The soup looks really delish! I've never hung out in the piazza before too. But I've passed by it several times, really beautiful at night :)

  2. nice photos u got here sis.. you look pretty too :-)

  3. Yum... sounds like a delicious meal!


  4. As usual, you have such mouth-watering photos! =)

  5. Koryn. T and I didn't like it because we found it too noisy! There was a band in the middle of the Piazza that didn't really fit the ambiance of our dinner in The Old Vine :/

    Reyapot. Thank you :)

  6. Leia. It was. We really enjoyed it :)

    Clare. Thanks! :)

  7. You are absolutely gorgeous; and the food...ohmigosh swoon! It looks positively divine!! :)

  8. Ah really? Maybe they should rethink the gimmick for the place. Jazz artists maybe.

  9. Erika. Thank you! :)

    Koryn. Ya, jazz would be nice. It was really too loud.. LOUD.

  10. Oh gosh I'm dying to try that Surprise! Haha!

    The Manila Girl

  11. Manila Girl. Catchy name right? :)

  12. Everything looks so delicious. I am a huge pasta fan and that looks so yummy.

  13. Sherin. It is yummy. Ultimate comfort food :)

  14. JOEEEEIIIIII!!!! I work right beside Piazza!!!

    I eat at Old Vine all the time. Love the Tessie Tomas & Surprise. Try mo na rin yung mango samurai pati salmon tranche.

  15. Ben. Really??? Sayang I didn't know! Next time! Is there always a ban there? We don't like it. Too loud!

    Daisy May. Everything is yummy! (except the lamb since I dont eat lamb)


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