MK ♥ Manila.

I really needed to de-stress earlier this evening so I went to the mall before meeting T and his friends for dinner and some drinks.

Guess what's in the bag!
Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. Often seen in people during periods of depression or transition, it is normally a short-lived habit. Items purchased during periods of retail therapy are sometimes referred to as "comfort buys".
Michael loves who?

With the cute and talented Fil-Canadian girl appearing in Ellen, several Filipinos appearing in American Idol Season 10, and Donaire knocking out Montiel, Filipino pride is at its high! So it's really timely that Michael Kors relaunched his Michael Kors ♥ Manila tote.

I love the heart plaque!

It's made of canvass and is pretty much an eco tote though I probably won't use it for my groceries. Aside from the heart in the center, another favorite part of mine is the red croc detail along the handles. The bag also has a detachable pouch (just a really small one) inside.

Can't wait to use it this weekend!

The I Love City totes are also available in MK ♥ New York. But though that city is close to my heart, I'm still going with the Manila version. Visit SSI's Official Website for more information on Michael Kors.


  1. cute. where is it available and how much? :D

  2. oh, might as well try retail therapy. baka i might end up buying nothing lalong madagdagan ang anxiety ko, ^_^

    cute naman, apt this summer yan... strolling the beach strutting a michael kors tote ska sun brim hat, woohoo!!!

  3. Congrats on the purchase!! The tote seems spacious enough to use as a beach bag! What will you be using it for?

  4. wow! how much would an MK tote bag like that cost?

  5. Retail therapy never fails! Now the key is to never look at the receipt or your wallet for days so the realization doesn't dampen your high haha.

  6. Pink Cookies. I'm not sure if it's still available but I got mine from a Michael Kors store :)

    Imriz. I doubt that you won't be able to buy anything when you're doing retail therapy! (see my next post ;))

  7. Julia. You got it! A beach bag! :P

    Wendy. Just right for a canvass tote ;)

  8. Koryn. But your credit bill will greet you in 30 days so.. Haha!

    Manila Girl. Have you seen it in person? It's actually pretty spacious and big!


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