Pond's Age Miracle Freebies.

Despite appearing to be a beauty product junkie, I'm actually low maintenance when it comes to cosmetics.  I rarely wear make-up and I don't have any beauty regimen (purchasing is another matter though because Sephora always manages to tempt me into buying things I don't really use ;))).  I also think it's too early to worry about wrinkles and age lines but nagging reminders from magazine articles to take good care of skin, especially the face, made me think about the numerous times I pranced around the beach with zero sunblock on.  

So, while buying groceries earlier, I felt that I owed my used and abused skin something and got this.

Pond's Overnight Repair Dream Night Cream.
Pond's Overnight Repair Dream works overtime as you sleep to diminish signs of aging, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and prevents more from appearing, prevents dullness and enhances overall skin radiance and maintains skin textures, tone and elasticity.

I got to try this before because the swag bags during my highschool reunion included little bottles of this product.  Trials are extremely important to me because I have the curse of being allergic to everything created to beautify people. That's good news to people who have hypersensitive skin like me, this product is safe for us!  The cream is P549 ($12) and comes with a small sample of Dual Eye Therapy UV.  Plus, they have a giveaway for purchases of P500 and above.

They're prettier in person :)

When these bags were shown to me by the Sales Associate, I thought I had to choose between them.  Sorry for the initial skepticism but the Philippine market isn't really generous when it comes to freebies, most of the time they're either too small or utterly useless.  Which was why I was really happy with this Pond's promo.

The bags were packed neatly inside a clear pink envelope and labeled Intimates, Shoes and Gizmos.    'Shoes' is a drawstring bag, 'Intimates' is a zip up bag and 'Gizmos' is a padded bag. 

It's nice how they added pads to both sides of this bag since it's for gizmos.

Ok, you got me.  I bought the cream not for the anti-aging benefits but for the bags.  And yes, I wrote this entry not for the product but for the freebies.

So sue me ;)

In any case, do you think it's too early to invest in anti-aging products during your mid-twenties?