Zeno Hot Spot.

I rarely breakout, maybe a pimple or two when our 'monthly friend' comes to visit, but this product is getting me all curious!

ZENO HOT SPOT is a hand-held device that uses a single ingredient you can actually pronounce - heat - to destroy the bacteria that causes your pimples. The result: quick and painless acne relief.

Sounds like the perfect gadget to have in your purse for those zit emergencies right?  I'd buy it in an instant if not for three things: First, it's only good for 80 uses.  And according to the manual, you have to zap a zit a couple of times a day.  So, 80 uses wouldn't get you that far.  Second, it's $40.  Not really that expensive but it's the same amount I spend for two other products I usually buy for these kinds of emergencies.  Those are tried and tested, this one isn't.  Third, the product got mixed reviews.  Some say Zeno works, some say it doesn't.  Some claim the Zeno lasted them for more than 80 uses, some claim it lasted them for only 3-5 uses.  

Anybody ever tried this product?  To buy or not to buy?

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  1. You manage to come across some amusing things, Joei! Have never heard about this one before, but I guess just like with so many things out there, what is good for oen eprson might ahve no effect on another...

  2. julia. i think i saw this on a magazine a while back and just remembered it now since im in california. hmmm.. still having 2nd thoughts. was thinking of what to give myself for Christmas. ordered a Manduka yoga mat instead :P

  3. It's an interesting toy ... the things that people create for the love of vanity. I find it nice, would be better if it could go beyond 80 zaps :)

  4. hmm... maybe it's not that good a purchase joei, practically speaking that is. like you said, it's only good for 80 uses and at that amount, you can buy two other products.

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  6. We have the same skin! I rarely get zits, but when I do, it's like a huge mountain on my face. Haha.

    Happy New Year, mother! Hope to see you soon! ;)

  7. Joei!! Wanna share somethign super excitign with me? :))) I'm radio this Sunday and it would be awesome if you coudl tune in to hear my little interview about my blog :) Full info here: http://sothankfulproject.blogspot.com/2011/01/radio-show-interview.html

  8. Russ and Liz. True. That's why I didn't get it. I'm not into 'disposable' gadgets. Carbon footprint and all that ;)

    Koryn.Happy New Year! I have to update soon. January's almost over!

    Julia. Oh! I just checked my blog. Awww.. Sorry :(


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