Re-discovering Tia Maria's.

Warning: Still under the influence of margarita while writing this post ;)

T and I were supposed to go to Tagaytay for dinner but because something was wrong with my phone, which received messages only 3 hours after it was sent, the plan didn't push through.  After discovering the problem  with my phone and talking for a bit, T and I ended up craving for Mexican food.

The first place we went to was Mexicali in Alabang Town Center.  Closed.  The next one we went to was Poquito Mas in Westgaste Alabang.  Closed.  With the way things were going, we really were tempted to just do the usual Army Navy again.   But since we were both in the mood to try something different, T and I gave it one last try and headed for a mall we barely go to.  And there it was, a Mexican place that was still open at 9:30pm... Tia Maria's!

Tia Maria's isn't exactly new.  I remember it being such a hit at one point during the early 90's but eventually its popularity died down nearing the latter part the decade.  Good thing it was re-introduced again through a Festival Mall Alabang branch which opened last year.

I was craving for nachos so I got the Nachos Grande (P335)*.  Tia Maria's Nachos Grande was a big platter of nachos topped with Cheddar sauce, fresh salsa, black olives, jalapenos and drizzled with sour cream.  YUM!  The serving's good for 3-4 persons but what the heck.

T was supposed to order beer to go with the nachos but since Tia Maria's had a promo, we went for it.  Nacho Grande + Pitcher of Margarita for only P495 (savings of P95).   I think the bartender loved us a little bit too much and added more than the usual tequila in the mix.

Originally, T was only supposed to order Tacos (P138) to satisfy his craving.  But since he felt like having an eating binge, T got the Mexican Platter (P480) which was a large plate loaded with a Super Burrito, Enchiladas, Tacos and Quesadillas.  It came with condiments such as salsa fresca, pico de gallo, sour cream and cheese sauce.   The server said the platter was good for 4-5 persons.  Bring it on!

Everything was good, from the nachos to the platter to the margarita.   Usually, Mexican food gets icky after a while (for those not used to the rich flavor of the various spices used) but I never felt that way despite eating dishes good for 8-10 persons.  It was also a big plus that everyone from the servers to the bartenders were really nice.  From the time we entered Tia Maria's until the time we left, everyone was so friendly and attentive.

I don't know how many girlfriends can say they've drunk margaritas with their boyfriends or how many boyfriends can say they went on a foodtrip eating stuff good for 10 people with their girlfriends.  Well tonight, T and I did!  And it really was fun fun fun ;)  Till the next spur-of-the-moment thing... Ay Caramba!

Tia Maria's
Dining Date: 3 November 2010

3rd Level Festival Supermall
Commerce Avenue
Alabang, Muntinlupa CityPhilippines
(632) 659-2832

522 Remedios Street cor Madre Ignacia St.
Malate, Manila
(632) 522-0429

552 United Nations Avenue
Ermita, Manila
(632) 525-7389

4th Level Bridgeway
SM Megamall
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Katipunan Avenue cor Alvero St.
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
(632) 426-2350

Upper Ground Level Back Terrace
SM City Baguio
Baguio City
(6374) 619-7681

*Approximately $1 = P50


  1. Spur-of-the-moment things are usually the most memorable. :-)

    The Manila Girl

  2. I miss Tia Maria's...haven't been to one since we moved to the province. =(

  3. ooh so this was the photo you tweeted last night! i love tia maria's!

    where's the next food trip? :)

  4. You made me hungry with hose yummy-looking mexican foods!

  5. Ooh, you are killing me with the Nachos Grande - hello, lover. So scrummy!!

    By the way, "Dial Me for Murder" is different than "Dial M for Murder." The former is part of the Paige Turner mystery series! :)

  6. hahahah still under d influence of margartias .. lol..

    the place looks great :)

    glisters and blisters

  7. Oh it looks yummy. i dont think I have ever been to a proper mexican restaurant, they arent that popular in Wales.
    Daisy Dayz

  8. I love Mexican food. The nacho's look so delicious. I wish there were more mexican places here.

  9. yummy! nakakatikim lang ako ng Mexican food pag international buffet. otherwise, i've never been to a proper Mex restaurant. we should explore this cuisine soon =)

    Thank you for the idea, lovely lady!

  10. Wow! I guess that's too much that my girl and I can handle :)

  11. Everything here looks so shiny and bright... Seems like such a happy place!

  12. manila girl. so true!

    clare. hey! Cavite isn't that far ;)

    koryn. yesterday, today, tomorrow! haha! i've been eating non-stop. crazy!

  13. chubskulit. more food entries to come :P

    erika. ooohhh.. i see. i'll try to download that on my Kindle ;)

    leia. it is! merry christmas!

  14. michelle. ya! i wrote that 'under the influence' haha!

    daisymay. that's too bad! in the Philippines, mexican cuisine is popular :)

    sherin. DIY nachos so you can put as much toppings on it as you want ;)

  15. kero. no problemo! heading over to your blog now :)

    captain runner. T (le boyfriend) and I like to eat.. a lot. obviously :))

    julia. true! the ambiance is great over at tia maria's :)


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