My High School Reunion.

I rarely blog about personal stuff but my grand high school reunion meant so much to me that I couldn't help but publish an entry about it.

A few minutes before everyone arrived.

The story behind it all.

Mid-year I came to realize that it was already 10 years since we graduated from high school but I haven't heard a single buzz about any planning for a reunion whatsoever.  Most of my happiest moments were during those years so I wasn't going to let something important like our 10th year pass without any kind of get-together.  

Welcome toast by the organizers!

I'm not in touch with everybody from our batch but fortunately, at our time and age, we have Facebook which miraculously reaches out to anyone and everyone, here and beyond.  So, I opened an account under our school and batch's name, posted it on my profile and asked everyone I was still in touch with to do the same.  In just 2 to 3 days, there were more than a hundred LIKES on the page.  Success! 

The planning begins.

The next step was to call a meeting to plan the reunion.  I was shocked with the attendance! So many attended that we dubbed that meeting a 'mini-reunion'.  The same number of people attended the second meeting.  The momentum was really building.

Everything was in order but by the time July came, I became so busy that I was afraid the planning would be a bust!  Good thing Ben Cabigas and Russ Ramilo were there to keep everything going.   Thank you so much guys!  Without you, the reunion wouldn't have been a success.

With my fellow organizers: Russ and Ben.

After only a few months of planning, October 23 was THE date.  Everybody was excited despite news of thunderstorms coming our way.  Rain or shine, the reunion was a go!

Batch Unity.

Russ, Ben and I were touched with the overwhelming support our batchmates gave.  Neil Arce, King Stehmeier (owner of the 1st Mizuno outlet in the Philppines which by the way is opening in Sta Rosa Laguna this month!), Steeve Mago, and Pinggoy Tumacder all have been so generous in donating funds so we could make the reunion a success.  Anton Ortigas and Max likewise gave pledges, thank you!

Classmates for 4 years!
Iza Singson made sure that our Facebook page was overloaded with teasers, videos and posters to keep our batchmates excited for the reunion.  Pia Boren (the Philippines' first female drifter) headed the program and hosted with Monty Macalino (lead vocals and guitarist of the band Mayonnaise).   Special thanks is also due to our batchmates who reached celebrity status *wink* Bianca Gonzales (former Big Brother housemate now host of SNN) and Patty Laurel (former MTV VJ now teacher Patty to her kids) for allowing us to use their faces for our posters and to the Friday Club for bringing cases of beer for everybody.

The Friday Club meets the volleyball players.
Senior-A plus other batchmates.
My "students" -- classmates who I tutor :)

Of course, this blog entry wouldn't have been made possible without the efforts of Joseph Dayo, Jam dela Vega, Arlo Monasterio, and JM IbaƱez who tirelessly took photos during the event.   We all had goodie bags to take home thanks to Anne Remulla of Rexona and Christa Jacinto of Avon.  Remember the stage and the balloons?  This is all thanks to Justin Menes and his wife.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days.

Back in the 90's, there was this really big fad called the Neoprint.  It's an automated, coin-operated vending machine that takes a series of photographs of you and your friends and prints them out as little stickers with cute Japanese designs of your choice.  We relived this fad by getting a photobooth (c/o Jam de la Vega.. Thank you!), year-2010 style.

With my senior classmates.

With the volleyball players.

T joined us, too!


My "students" :)

There was supposed to be around 15 of us but we couldn't fit!

Mix of everyone!

While Ben was doing the RSVP list, we noticed that a lot of our batchmates were already in Europe or the US.  Good thing I remembered about the possibility of setting up livestreaming so they could still be part of the program even if they're oceans away!

Setting up our livestreaming broadcast.
Never mind the boys we dated, all the break-ups we hated.  Remember laughing and crying, sneaking out, cheating and lying.  Singing so loud, getting lost in the crowd.  The party never stops, the angel face while talking to the cops.  High school may be over fast, but we're still making memories last.

Zobel Batch 2000!



    Wow, King is the owner of the 1st Mizuno outlet? Nakanaman! :) and Nakanaman talaga sa lahat ng preparations and achievements of batch 2000!

    Sobrang awesome talaga ang laking Zobel! Star-Studded! Well rounded! :)

    I'm not from batch 2000 but It feels really nice knowing everyone are still in touch with everyone. :)

    Kudos to all the teasers also .. sobrang nakakatuwa! :)

    Happy 10th to all of you batch 2000!!

  2. A rare personal post indeed. Congratulations on your reunion, Joei! And nice to read something very personal about you too. :)

  3. 10 year reunion?! Why did I think you were *still* in high school!


  4. hi sis.. thanks for always visiting my blog and posting your comments.. pasensya na i was not able to visit you as often :-D

    babawi ako promise.. see u again!

  5. kathy. thanks! it really was a super super fun night because of everyone's efforts :)

    mommy judy. yes, it really is a rare moment! couldn't let this one pass. too special ;)

  6. leia. why thank you! :) :)

    reyapot. its ok! actually, i dont get to visit often also because my sched's been busy. but when i have time, i always try to visit :)

  7. Gah! I'm so glad you had a fabulous time, my love!! :)

  8. We should give ourselves a pat on the back. Looking forward to our 15th year, Joei. Animo Batch 2000! :)

  9. Yay for the wonders of Facebook. I enjoyed high school. It was an all girls school so it has been great to see the women we have become.
    You look beautiful in the pictures.


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