you're probably thinking... another yogurt post?.  well, to tell you honestly, i try to refrain from posting about things already written about a thousand times before even if it interests me to avoid being just 'one of those blogs'. but i had to write about this yogurt place because it's pretty unique!  and i'll tell you why in a bit.  first, say hello to yoggle.

front of the store.

in the philippines, the common practice of yogurt places is to make you choose between different sizes of cups and charge you by the topping. 

the inside's bright and cozy.

but in yoggle, they let you put as much yogurt and toppings as you want and just charge you by the weight!  this method is perfect for people like me who prefers a pinch of this and that on my yogurt. 

get your own cups!

they have so many flavors to choose from like kiwi, strawberry, taro, vanilla, green tea and original.  i mixed green tea and original though i wish i mixed in other flavors as well.


after getting your yogurt, you can place as many toppings as you want.  they have all the usuals --- mangoes, graham, gummy bears, cherries, almonds, chocolates and so on.  

the cashier then weighs your cup and charges you by the ounce.  when the cashier rang my yogurt cup, i expected around a P250 peso bill with the amount of yogurt i put in and the number of toppings i raked.  but surprisingly, they charged me only P120.  wow!  in other yogurt places, that's only the price of one large PLAIN yogurt (no toppings).  amazing.  

too bad yoggle is just too far from us.  i only got to eat there because T had a basketball game around the greenhills area.  can't wait for my next visit!

click on the map to enlarge.

Dining Date: 21 August 2010

RONAC Building
Ortigas Avenue corner Santolan
San Juan

photo credit:
yoggle's facebook account

*conversion is approximately $1 = P50


  1. ... my gulay, ang layo-layo-layo naman nyan, it's like Qoola no? Though after reading the part where you mentioned the price, it's not so much like Qoola. D paid for a 483-peso FroYo when we first went to Qoola. Hehe. I'll look for that place when we're in GH.

  2. russ. oh ya, it's like qoola but i think yoggle has more flavors? and it's a whole lot cheaper! definitely. too bad i can't watch T's game this weekend since i have work stuff. would love to eat there again (and try the other flavors). tell me if you get to try it k? :)

  3. As long as you have a U.S. address yes, you can enter the giveaway. Good luck, my love!! :)

  4. daisy. surprised the yogurt fad isn't in the UK yet. it hit the US pretty hard, too ;)

  5. oooh yoggle! and it's in ortigas lang! you're right, i do like this entry! haha.

    i haven't tried taro yet. have you? :)

  6. This all is quite fun and new to me - I've never heard about yogurt places. We do have yogurts here and all, of course, but they're just sold in the stores, we don't have the whole places devoted to them like that! INTERESTING!

  7. I've been to a few yogurt places with this concept in California! Good thing we Pinoys have caught on. It's really more sulit! :-)

  8. Looks like a great restaurant. Yougurt places like this don't seem to exist in England.

  9. koryn. tried it. tastes like ube! :)

    julia. and i bet it's not frozen yogurt ;) wish you could try fro-yo soon!

  10. manila girl. i've tried those places in cali, too. glad they opened something like that here :)

    sherin. maybe because it's too cold there ;)

  11. Yaaaaammmie :) Too bad this kind of places doesn't exist here :(

    Cool blog!!

    thanks for visiting me babe :)



  12. love froyo! <3

    yeah most of the yogurt place here in Cali is self-serve. so much better!


  13. emilie. no problem! will visit again soon! ;)

    bree. good thing they finally brought the concept of self-serve in the philippines!

  14. Russ, when I read joei's post initially i also thought ah just like Qoola! but wow joei, what a price! very affordable. not like qoola. too bad it's also far from my place.

  15. lizzie. theres a new yogurt place in Alabang! Just blogged about it :)


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