Update (November 3, 2010): Check out my posts where I tried embedding Everlater into my entries:
1. Hanoi, Vietnam 
2. Guam

If you're a friend of mine in Facebook and Multiply, a follower on Twitter and Tumblr or a constant reader in Blogspot, you know that the two things i like the most is food and travel.  However, due to  reasons beyond my control, I don't get to blog immediately after a trip so I forget the details.  Post a few photos on my Facebook and Tumblr, maybe once in a while.  Tweet, sometimes.  But never blog.  Counting off from the top of my head, I have around 4 trips during the recent months which I haven't even started blogging about.  Then I discovered Everlater.

Everlater is a free travel journal designed to help adventurers around the world share their experiences and connect with others. Members can also instantly transform their online logs into personalized travel photo albums for friends and family to enjoy.

I find the name so fitting since you write in real time but upload later when you get to a hotspot with free wifi.  No fuss, no worries!  Write whenever you want, post photos whenever you feel like doing so, and then upload them later when you already have access to the internet.  No hidden charges, no need for 3g fees!

What I use is the iPhone app but Blackberry, Android and other mobile phone users, don't despair.  You can still post on Everlater using an email account.  Just follow the instructions on their website: www.everlater.com.

Everlater is definitely not a substitute for free-form blogging and  I still believe (and want to) blog in the traditional way.  But I think Everlater is a big help for people on-the-go who don't have sufficient time to sort out photos and write entries when they get back from the trip, such as myself.

And good news to all Blogspot users, you can embed your Everlater trips in your entries.  I'll try doing that so wait for it in my next entry.


  1. This sounds interesting, Joei! Have fun traveling and let's see how everlater works for you :)

  2. Thanks for the mention Joei! You forgot to mention: the people at Everlater are really friendly and will answer all your questions :-)

  3. julia. i'll visit your blog really soon. i promise :) just been so busy.

    ryan. oh yes! that's true ;) thanks for answering my questions!


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