Army Navy vs Charlie's Grind & Grill.

Resurrecting two places I've tried for the first time last year but which I got to eat in again recently.

Army Navy

It's always the burrito for me!

 The first time I tried Army Navy was last year in Tagaytay after a trip to Lago de Oro for wakeboarding.  At that time, I tried the steak burrito but didn't like it.  The steak was a bit "stringy" but the rest of the burrito --- the sauce, the rice, the beans --- was superb.  That's why when Army Navy opened a new branch in Alabang, I had to try it again.

Newly-opened Army Navy branch in Alabang.

Army Navy's menu consists of burger, burritos, soft tacos, fried chicken and interesting sides and drinks such as Freedom Fries (their version of french fries) and Libertea (brewed tea).

Army Navy's menu.

Everything is self-service: you get your own water and cups and fill your own condiments.  They have a counter where you order and claim your food. 

That's T ordering our food.

Army navy's special burger is the Bully Boy Burger (P235). It's made up of triple quarter-pound patties (TRIPLE?!) topped with fresh crispy lettuce, tomato slices and onions, mayo and catsup on toasted sesame bun.

The burger of all burgers!

During our first visit to Army Navy Alabang, I was hesitant to try the steak burrito because of my bad experience in Tagaytay so I got the chicken burrito instead.  It was yummy!!!

Burger & Freedom Fries for T and Burrito & Onion Rings for me!

But after a few visits to Army Navy, I decided to try the Steak Burrito (P155) again.  Surprisingly, it was good!  So i guess the bad experience in Army Navy Tagaytay was just a fluke.

The Steak Burrito.

For the burgers, you can request for Additional Cheese or Bacon (P25) and Jalapeno or Sauteed Onions (P15).  T usually gets the Double Burger (P185) but I think I have to dare him to get the Bully Boy Burger soon ;)

The Double Burger.

Another favorite of mine is their freshly brewed iced tea, Libertea (P55 - large).  One of the best iced teas I've tasted alongside Wendy's and The Frazzled Cook's (read my entry on The Frazzled Cook).

I love this!

I like Army Navy Alabang's set-up.  It's well-lighted and spacious though it gets a bit cold sometimes so bring a jacket.  There's a small area also outside for smokers and late night foodtrippers.

I like how they decorated the place...

...and how they used recycled materials.

When it first opened, T and I would always beat their 11 pm closing time.  While eating, I'd see people begging the cooks for a "last order".  So I guess that's why Army Navy decided to make the Alabang branch open 24 hours.  Good move!

Finally, a 24 hour place for those 'I'm hungry' moments in the wee hours of the night!

Definitely a perfect place to go to when you're hungry but can't decide where to go, when you're looking to binge or when you had a bad day and just want some comfort food.

Definitely mission accomplished :)

Army Navy
Dining Date: 20 August 2010

Alabang Bridgestone Building
Commerce Avenue
Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa

National Highway 
Maharlika East
Tagaytay City

2/F Annex Harbour Square
CCP Complex, Manila


The first time I tried Charlie's Grind & Grill was also last year.   At that time, it was just this small little diner in one of the corners of Kapitolyo.  But now, they have a new branch in Greenhills right beside Yoggle (read my entry on Yoggle).

My most memorable Charlie's moment was when I was sick and stuck at home and T brought me my favorite buffalo wings with blue cheese dip and sarsaparilla (a new discovery!).

Tons of beer to choose from.

Charlie's has the same set-up as Army Navy.  There is a counter for ordering food though in Charlie's, the servers bring you your food when it's ready.

T and his friends ordering food.

Like Army Navy, Charlie's is well-lighted and spacious.  However, i find the eating area too cramped.  There are too many tables placed together that there wasn't much space for walking around.

Hallway to the eating area.

Army Navy Alabang isn't really that huge also but at least the tables are evenly spaced and the eating area is surrounded by glass.  In Charlie's, it was all walls.  Definitely not for people with problems with personal space.

See how close the tables are?

Charlie's special and T's usual is the Black Angus Burger with Fries (P155/$4) .  But on our most recent visit to the Greenhills branch, T tried something the Kapitolyo branch doesn't have --- Black Angus with Shrooms (P400/$10).  I tried it and it was just.. Well, okay.  The portobello seems really large in the picture but it was mostly just the breading.  Imagine, the black angus burger is only P155 while the black angus with shrooms is P400!  So it means the portobello mushroom, which was actually just 85% breading, costs P245/$6!  

During my first visit, I got the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (P435).  Again, it was just okay.  The serving was humongous but taste-wise, I wasn't impressed.  This time, I ordered their Fish and Chips (P220/$4.50).

The fish was huge but taste-wise, BLAH. The fish was so bland.  It wasn't even crispy.  Worse, they give you only a little container of ranch dressing for the huge fish.  And since only the dip was the one giving the fish a bit of flavor, it was a struggle to finish the whole thing. Malt vinegar is available upon request but it wasn't much help.

Weird container for malt vinegar.. Cologne?!

The only upside to Charlie's Grind & Grill are the condiments and the beer selection.

Glad they use this brand!

They serve imported beers.

Army Navy or Charlie's?  Tough decision.  Although i got disappointed with Charlie's Fish and Chips, Philly Cheesesteak and Portobello Mushroom, their Black Angus Burger and Buffalo Wings are to die for!  So i guess I'll leave it up to you to try both places and decide :)

Charlie's Grind & Grill
Most Recent Dining Date: 21 August 2010

RONAC Building
Ortigas Avenue corner Santolan
San Juan


  1. Gosh, you're killing me with this post! I wish my bf will come home soon so that we can go try out new places together:)


  2. I think I'd choose Army Navy myself - the burger and fries look phenom!! :)

  3. Those fries and onion rings from Army Navy look sooo good! I feel like fries now :)


  4. ultimate comfort food!!
    ..nakuu naglalaway ako sa Stella Artois!! madalang ang yan dito sa disyerto wahahaha...

    hmmnn, like you, I always choos onion rings over freanch fries =)

  5. Wow,, looks yummy! We don't have either of these...

  6. Now I fancy a veggie burger!


  7. I've never heard of it, but it looks awfully delish!

  8. I had just finished eating dinner but now I'm hungry all over again!

  9. great post !
    the burger and fries look good !

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  11. hi joie.. i have tried the army navy burritos.. they are good but i still prefer Mexicalli's burritos :-)

    there's an army navy in glorietta 5, makati.. the place is a bit smaller than the other army navy branches..

    thanks for visiting my blogs and keeping our links here..

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  12. I've always wanted to try the burrito at Army Navy...

  13. beeeer! i've always been on the search for places that serve beer other than san mig ;)

  14. sher. boyfriends are the best foodtrip partners ;)

    erika. so true!

  15. julia. and pretty true, too! ;)

    rose. im craving for onion rings now :D

  16. kero. i prefer fries with chicken fingers but onion rings with burgers and everything else :)

    mj. but i'm sure you have good burrito places!

  17. leia. i have yet to try charlie's veggie burger!

    kristin. i think both are local restos :)

  18. manila girl. i feel the same way after reading your entries :D

    michelle. they are!

  19. reyapot. no problem! glad to hear from you again. thought of trimming my blog list already (to those who drop by so i can visit their blogs more often) :)

    caloy. glorietta? i didn't know that!

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  21. Conseils tres interessants. A quand la suite?


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