Krazy Garlik.

T and I went to Greenbelt today because I wanted to get another Moleskine. But it took some time for me to decide on which one to get --- big? small? red? black? soft cover? hard cover?  So it was past dinnertime by the time I was done.  I was ready to suggest a no-fail place like Chili's when we chanced upon a new restaurant called Krazy Garlik.

The name alone made me all curious.  Everything garlicky?  Really?  And why crazy?  With a K?? Looking inside, the modern interior didn't match the quirkiness of the concept.  I was curious, curious, curious!  So we went inside.

The place was packed!

The kitchen was open for everyone to see.

My favorite part: The 'Alice in Wonderland' themed wall.

There were so many diners when we got there!  Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long because a table for 4 became vacant as soon as we arrived.  Their menu was fascinating --- both graphics-wise and food-wise.  Although I was a bit disappointed that some of the entries were not at all innovative.  Crispy Pata and Pork Adobo were so common!  They could have reinvented these dishes or named them something else. 

Main courses.

For starters, T got the Krazy Garlik Bread (P110/$2.50).  Surprisingly, the Krazy Garlik Bread wasn't so garlicky.  The garlic bread we make at home tastes even better than what they served.

T also got the Parma Ham Roulade (P545/$12), which is melted mozarella cheese wrapped in parma ham.  In my opinion, it was so-so and priced waaaay too high.  I was expecting something tasty like the dates and speck in Lusso (read my blog entry on Lusso) so I was disappointed when I took a bite out of it and tasted.. Well, just like plain ham.

For our main course, T got the Australian Lamb Chops (P895/$18).  I can't say anything about this dish because I don't eat lamb.  It comes with rice or buttered vegetables and you get to pick the sauce you want.

On the other hand, I got the Honey Fried Chicken (P315/$6.50).  It was so-so.  I couldn't taste the honey nor the garlic.  The chicken was like a malnourished hen that wasn't fed in the farm.  I also don't like dark meat so not having white meat in my chicken dissatisfies me.  I'd take the chicken from Max's any day over this one.

The only winner dish we got was the Hara-kiri Fried Rice (P399/$8), which is a spicy mixture of rice and different kinds of seafood including octopus.  The serving is good for 2-3 persons but T and I finished the whole plate!  

For dessert, we were torn between the cheesecake and the creme brulee.  But according to the server, their specialty is the Catalana (P195/$4) which is creme brulee with garlic so that's what we got. Plus, T was curious how they were going to integrate garlic in a dessert.  Surprisingly, it was good!

The Verdict: The dishes were overpriced and disappointing and the food took forever!  But the waiters were attentive and friendly and the concept new and refreshing so T and I MIGHT give it another try.

Krazy Garlik
Dining Date: 30 August 2009

2nd Floor Greenbelt 5
Makati City


  1. Agree with you on the chicken - I prefer white meat and can only eat the dark parts if they come with chicken breast or something! lol

    Creme brulee with garlic sounds interesting though!

  2. julia. the creme brulee with garlic was something new to me, too! as for the chicken, if it had a bit more white meat on it, i would've been happy ;)

  3. yes, way too expensive...I would faint if we racked up a bill for two that is more tan P500!

    I noticed, hindi salmon ang order mo ngayon hehe

  4. kero. the bill we racked up was 5x more than your max! I was surprised as well :/

  5. 2,900p? Way too much. Guess I'm bypassing this one.

  6. Oh, I would have been tempted to try the restaurant out too with such a krazy name:)

    Sad that it did not live up to the hype though! I hate when that happens!


  7. Despite hte lackluster food, I love the name of the restaurant; and the retro/vintage menus are adorbs!! :)

  8. fickle cattle. ya, way too much. was surprised as well. thanks for dropping by! ill visit your blog in a bit.

    sher. agree. it was disappointing because of the price > flavor factor.

  9. erika. those are the only things that racked up plus points on my part. love the alice in wonderland wall!

  10. Love Moleskin too! Creme brulee looks delicious:) But P2900 for 2?

  11. mommy judy. yup, moleskine is love. im just sad that it's become a bit 'mainstream' now :/ and yes, 2,900 for 2 is too much. food was good but not THAT good.

  12. Too bad you found most dishes disappointing - the sound of an all-garlic restaurant sounded promising to me! Haha. But that garlic creme brulee makes me sooo curious!

  13. manila girl. not really disappointed as to the food.. more of the price. it's much too high. and this is me speaking (i don't mind spending a bunch for food as long as i'm satisfied but a malnourished chicken?!). the parma ham alone costs around 500 pesos but it's not even flavorful.

    maybe if they lowered the prices a bit, i'd go visit them again.

  14. I always see this one when I'm walking in Greenbelt, but I never dared to eat there .. not yet. So it's good that I got to read your post first, at least I won't have mega expectations when I eat here.

  15. russ. i'd only recommend krazy garlik if you're in the mood for crispy pata (which i don't think you're into ;)). the serving is quite big and it's only P300.

  16. so disappointed with this resto too especially that the dishes are overpriced!


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