Back To The 90's (part 1): Yakult and Sebastian's Fro-ya.

I'm pretty sure almost everyone is familiar with the term fro-yo because of the yogurt craze that swept the archipelago but let me ask you... have you ever heard of Fro-Ya?

Check for this sign to know if they're serving fro-ya.

 Fro-ya, which stands for frozen yakult, is the brainchild of Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Yakult  is a japanese probiotic milk-like product known for a special strain of bacterium referred to as lactobacillus casei shirota.  The drink was so popular in the 90's which was why by incorporating this into an ice cream base resulting to a creamy yakult substance in frozen form, a spoonful of fro-ya brought me back to my fondest childhood memories!

In my opinion, Fro-Ya is a pretty unique concept and a refreshing sight to see also amidst all sorts of frozen yogurts popping up everywhere.  As for the flavor, it literally tastes like yakult poured and mixed into a hefty serving of vanilla ice cream.  Yummy!

My cup of Fro-Ya.

A little warning though: Fro-Ya seems to be bit on the rich side so be sure to have a bottle of mineral water ready.  I usually can finish a cup or two of ice cream from Sebastian's without getting dizzy but with Fro-Ya, I had to give T a fourth of my cup.

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Sebastian's Ice Cream Studio
Dining Date: 22 July 2010

Alabang Town Center Mall
Cinema Area
Tel No.: (63917) 405-7678

Podium Mall
4th floor (near the escalator)
ADB Avenue, Ortigas
Tel No.: (63917) 453-7426

The Block: SM North Edsa
3rd floor (near the Cinema Ticket booth)
Quezon City
Tel No.: (63927) 290-1633

Trinoma Mall
3rd floor (center atrium)
Quezon City
Tel No.: (63915) 232-4253


  1. oats. wow. you're into blogging also?! :))

  2. I've never ever heard of this, or seen this!!

  3. omigod is this for real??? because of your post magta-trinoma ako soon! hehehe.

  4. Wow this looks so interesting! I'd love to try some! I had the BEST fro-YO today :P


  5. julia. it's a popular drink in asia (as yakult hails from japan). so its amazing for us to find out that it's been turned into ice cream!

    koryn. i hope you get to try it this weekend! :)

  6. leia. i still love fro-yo! wish they'd bring pinkberry to our country (had the chance to try it in the US a few months ago)

  7. This is BRILLIANT! I loved Yakult as a child, and even now I have it occasionally. I have to try this!

  8. Never heard of fro-yo up until now, but now I want some!

  9. manila girl. tell me what you think of it :)

    mj. frozen yogurt is the best! frozen yakult is even better ;)

  10. I loved Yakult then and Aori loves Yakult now. As usual, you introduce me to a lot of nice things :) Thanks!

    I'm blogging again and I've started a new one here at blogger. Visit me soon ok?

  11. mommy judy. of course! ill visit your blog as soon as i get work done (it's monday again.. aaaah! LOL). its nice to have you back!


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