Back to the 90s (part 3): Sweet Valley and Archie Comics.

continued from part 2...

It's pretty understandable that some of you might not have heard of Yakult (read my blog post about Fro-ya) considering it's only widely popular in Asia or the Wacky Worm (read my blog post about the Wacky Worm) not coming from certain schools where it was a real hit, but it's highly unlikely that as a 90's kid, you would not know these two books which are making a come back.  The first one is Sweet Valley!

the cover of the 1st sweet valley high book.. classic!

 Sweet Valley Kids, Twins, High, University.  I have all of them!  Even the special editions.  Whenever we'd go to the States, I'd go home with a box full of Sweet Valley books (unfortunately, some of them were not available locally at that time since there were only two bookstores in the Philippines -- National Bookstore and Goodwill Bookstore).   Francine Pascal stopped writing Sweet Valley books years back but now, she's releasing a new book called Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later!

"The twins are 27 and still drop-dead gorgeous. Elizabeth - after four years at the Sweet Valley Times - is working as a reporter in New York City for an online theater magazine. She moved to New York after a bitter break-up and has been on the east coast for eight months. She's lonely and living in a tiny, dingy apartment."

You can read the first chapter for free on the Official Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later Website.  And as if this isn't enough to excite Sweet Valley fans, Universal Studios has a movie in the works!

Another well-loved book that's making a comeback is Archie Comics.

one of my old archie comics.

I remember asking my Mom money for food but ended up buying my first Archie Comic at a book fair in my school.  The good ol' days!  And ever since, my sister and I have been actively collecting Archies, Jugheads and Betty & Veronicas. 

As we all know, the plot always revolved around Betty and Veronica vying for Archie's affection.  And after decades, they decided to put an end to this highschool feud and make a married version of Archie + Veronica or Archie + Betty this year!

Envious that my sister already has a copy!

I feel lucky being part of the 90's generation.  Despite all the fashion blunders, I think the 90's had a good thing going.  So many things that could be unearthed and revived without it getting old.

The End.


  1. omg I love Sweet Valley high and Archie comics :)

    I am definitely gonna read the Sweet Valley Ten Years Later and can't wait for the movie!

  2. And again - I have never heard of thos either! But no surprisign at all, bakc in the 90s Soviet Union didn't import much and we've had lenty of great kids' books of our own

  3. naku, naku! favorite ko ang sweet valley high at sweeet valley university!!

    can't wait for the movie!!

    Thank you for sharing, Joie!

  4. i loved sweet valley high. elementary ko yata binasa ang mga 'to. HS Mill and Boons na lol.

  5. 80's kid here. :) I love both of these books and these were also available when I was in school already. They're classics they transcend time!

    Thanks for the SV 10 years later. Can't wait to get my hands on the book and watch the movie :)

  6. breee. i can't wait!!!

    julia. even archie comics? :)

  7. kero. i missed you on my blog! :)

    wendy. what's mill and boons! ill google it ;)

  8. mommy judy. glad to see you blogging again! ;)

  9. maybe, my mom's blaming SWEET VALLEY HIGH for my "being in-love during my teens" haha

  10. imriz. do you read sweet dreams as well? ;) anyway, visiting your site now!

  11. Omg, I loved both of these. I think I read every sweet valley book. I always wanted to be one of the twins, lol. I can't wait to read the 10 years on book!!

  12. hi there, tnx for the comments. yes, pls. add my link to urs. super tnx.
    btw, the c3 i got was MINUS all the premiums that the Eseries have, esp the e72, but since i'm on a VERY tight budget, hence, the choice, LOL.

  13. Gah! I am head over heels for this post - I still have my old Sweet Valley High books and Archie comics - love love!! :)

  14. archie is an awesome comic !

    hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend :)
    glistersandblisters dot com

  15. sherin. same here!!!

    imriz. ok adding your link now :)

  16. erika. i have everything stlil also!

    michelle. had a great weekend! hope you did, too! :)

  17. oh wow!!! i was a fan of both sweet valley and archie. i've read through sweet valley kids, twins, high and then university...

    i even watched the TV show... hahaha! this is so cool!

  18. omg this makes me happy. Totally read all those books ;-)


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