Krazy Garlik.

T and I went to Greenbelt today because I wanted to get another Moleskine. But it took some time for me to decide on which one to get --- big? small? red? black? soft cover? hard cover?  So it was past dinnertime by the time I was done.  I was ready to suggest a no-fail place like Chili's when we chanced upon a new restaurant called Krazy Garlik.

Back to the 90s (part 3): Sweet Valley and Archie Comics.

continued from part 2...

It's pretty understandable that some of you might not have heard of Yakult (read my blog post about Fro-ya) considering it's only widely popular in Asia or the Wacky Worm (read my blog post about the Wacky Worm) not coming from certain schools where it was a real hit, but it's highly unlikely that as a 90's kid, you would not know these two books which are making a come back.  The first one is Sweet Valley!

the cover of the 1st sweet valley high book.. classic!

Back to the 90's (part 2): Wacky Worm.

continued from part 1...

It seems like the 90's was only yesterday and yet it's already actively making a comeback!  Movie remakes and TV shows are suddenly resurfacing.  Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, anyone?  I also noticed trends short of being called faux pas (shoulder pads?!) appearing in runways again.  Imagine my surprise finding a toy which I thought didn't exist anymore.  Remember the Wacky Worm?
demonstrating how the wacky worm works.

Back To The 90's (part 1): Yakult and Sebastian's Fro-ya.

I'm pretty sure almost everyone is familiar with the term fro-yo because of the yogurt craze that swept the archipelago but let me ask you... have you ever heard of Fro-Ya?

Check for this sign to know if they're serving fro-ya.

TOMS Shoes: One For One.

"Today, there are 2 kids in Africa who aren't barefoot anymore because of me."