I hate mosquitoes! Ever since the rainy season started, they've been everywhere!  In the garden, at the beach.. They flock to me like bees to honey and I've had it!  I've always wondered why they seem to like feasting on my blood more than anyone else around me.  Finally, my skin doctor told me that I emit this scent that attracts the little vampires. Lucky me.

I'm already getting tired of putting on insect repellent every so and so hour which was why I rejoiced when I saw a product tailor-made for people like me!

Para'kito is essentially a company that concentrates on making products that repels mosquitoes.  As of the moment, they have two products: wristbands and keychains.  The wristband comes in different colors such as yellow, black, green, blue and has printed versions too such as fatigue, hearts, hawaiian and so on.  Para'kito claims that the band is waterproof so you don't have to remove it when you go swimming.

The keychains are the newest addition to the Para'kito family.  You can hang them anywhere --- baby carrier, belt bag, bedside table, bedpost --- and mosquitoes will not go near you!

The common denominator between these two products are the pellets.  According to Para'kito, the pellets contain a unique natural repellent formula, which associates essential oils, with food-based molecules and a perfume composition which repels mosquitoes.  Every product of Para'kito comes with two pellets and each pellet lasts for up to 15 days.
Just this minute, I am being hounded my mosquitoes which figured out a way to get through the doors and screens of our house.  Aaaaaah! I think I'm heading over to buy a Para'kito product. honestly, I was a bit skeptical when I saw the bracelets a little over a month ago in our neighborhood mall but with 4 bites on my leg in less than 5 minutes, I think I'm giving it a shot.  P750* isn't that much to spend for a little peace and quiet away from these pesky little insects.

update: i bought a pink band and installed the pellet right now since mosquitoes have been attacking me again. i'll post a review after 15 days (7/22)

*approximately P50 = $1

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how far would you go for social networking?

i admit.  i'm a social networking junkie.  i remember my addiction starting out in the 1990's with the introduction of MIRC and ICQ into my life.  for those unfamiliar with both, MIRC was the most famous internet chat client then while ICQ was the 'yahoo messenger' of that time.  everyone who's anyone was always online in MIRC chatting.  and as far as i remember, all of my friends had their ICQ number memorized like it was their phone number at home.

then came friendster, multiply and myspace.  friendster became really famous in asia while myspace boomed in the us.  i signed up for both because i had family and friends in those two locations.  multiply was another must for me because though i was 'social', i wanted a little privacy for my photos, videos and what-nots.  multiply provided me with all that.

and just almost 4 years ago, the mother of all social networking sites was introduced to me --- facebook.  i opened an account almost immediately but closed it a week later since i only had 2 friends and my email was getting clogged up with unnecessary notifications.  after a few months, however, i re-opened my account.  facebook still wasn't popular by that time but i had enough friends to keep me entertained.

after facebook, my list just kept getting longer.  there was tumblr, plurk, twitter and so on and so forth.  and now i come across another thriving social networking thing --- foursquare.

foursquare allows you to check-in to places, meet up with friends and discover new places.

basically what foursquare wants you to do is to give information as to your present location and to log each and every time you move to a new one.  it has this 'game' feel to it since you earn badges for each achievement that you unlock.  for example, checking in after 3 in the morning will give you a 'night badge' while checking in more times than anyone else at a certain location will make you mayor of the place.  

since every time you log on to foursquare publishes your location, it's a stalker's dream come true!  i can't believe hollywood  celebrities even use it.  i know that for a fact since i learned about foursquare through ryan seacrest (no, i don't know him personally :)) i just read his tweet via foursquare).  the paparazzi must be having a blast with these new social networks.

however, one good thing i see coming out from foursquare is that when you're in an unfamiliar place, you can just log on your location and the site will give you details as to nearby restaurants, cafes, gas stations and landmarks.

so with all of that, i ask you again, 'how far will you go for social networking?'.  don't get me wrong.  i do have a foursquare account but i'm still pretty scared to use it.  will you sign up for it?  do you already use it?