Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson.

Rick Riordan.  Unfamiliar?   How about this: Percy Jackson.  Ring any bell?  That's right!  Rick Riordan is the author of the Percy Jackson series which became a worldwide phenomenon when its first book was adapted into film by 20th Century Fox.

Laughlin, Nevada.

When one hears the place Nevada, the first thing that comes to mind is Las Vegas.  Maybe even Reno.  But never Laughlin, am I right? I, too, have never heard of Laughlin before.  As a child, my family and I often go to Reno to play arcade and carnival games in Circus Circus and then we take a side trip to snowy Lake Tahoe.  As my sibling and I grew older, our family started to frequent Las Vegas as well.   Both Reno and Las Vegas were common destinations for our family but never Laughlin.