dkny's the cozy.

oh, i've been so missing in action these past few weeks! didn't mean to leave my blog unattended especially since there are so many things to tell, so many things to post, so many photos to show.  but i'm sure there'll be time for all of that.  

for now, here's a quick entry before hitting the sack.  finally found the sweater i was lusting for since i saw it in the magazines.  and i'm sure most of you fashion mag addicts like me have seen this ad as well.

Wrap up a chic look in DKNY's navy silk and cashmere-blend cardigan with three-quarter length sleeves and an uneven hem. With multiple ways to style and shape, this luxurious cover-up is a versatile layering essential.

aren't they a beaut?  DKNY calls this long sleeve versatile sweater as 'the cozy'.  it's made of 85% silk and 15% cashmere.  i found out that there are actually different kinds of DKNY converti sweaters but this is the one i wanted (and got! ;))

Navy silk and cashmere-blend cardigan with long sleeves.  DKNY cardigan has an uneven hem, an open front, a ribbed hem and cuffs, a shawl collar and can be worn in multiple ways.

this particular sweater is still available online at and the dkny website.  there are also other versions of 'the cozy'.   you might wanna check them out.  

my cousin saw how much i loved the sweater, she gave me another one!  now i have the black one (as shown in the middle of my entry) and a gray and purple striped one (will take a picture of it soon as i can't find a picture online).  YIPPEE!  guess all that's left now is to figure out ways to wear the sweater and to find out if these wraps are really worthy to be called 'the cozy' ;))

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